Hoodia Diet Pill That Work

by : Anitac

Many companies are selling hoodia diet pills in the market and also through internet today. The problem is that many of the HOODIA DIET PILLS do not have enough hoodia in it. Recently some hoodia was confiscated during a raid as it didn?t have any hoodia in it and had some sawdust as one of their fillers.

Hoodia gordonii is a pill that effectively suppresses your appetite and attacks obesity. The Hoodia gordonii plant has a previously unknown appetite suppressant molecule, which has since been named as P 57. It is currently becoming very popular because it has no reported side effects and no cumulative side -effects. Hoodia diet pill works only if you take at least 3 grams per day. That is you have to take 100mg of hoodia three times a day, an hour before food. This is much higher that what the suggested dosages of many of the companies are. Anyway for some it is reported to be effective even if they take slightly less. For some it worked immediately while for some it takes up to 12 days.

When you are taking hoodia you will not feel hungry. Do not think that If you keep on eating food even though you are not feeling hungry after taking hoodia will work. Many eat just for comfort and not because they feel hungry. It is not going to work for them. Do not go to the other extreme of starving yourself and do not over dose yourself with hoodia as well.
There are different types of Hoodia products. There is the pure hoodia pill which some would claim to be 100% pure product. These are made from whole hoodia plant which is ground into powder. This is the cheapest type of hoodia. The San people do not eat the skin they peel the skin and remove the spikes and discard it away. Then there is the 20:1 and 10:1 hoodia extract tincture. The hoodia plant is placed in alcohol which extracts the ingredients into it. The alcohol is strained and finally the alcohol is removed with just the active ingredients left. 20:1 means that 1 gram of this extract was made with 20 gram of whole plant.10:1 means that 1 gram of the extract was made with 10 gram of whole plant.

To get good and effective hoodia only go to online vendors that have been identified by independent third party of having verified about the authenticity of Hoodia or take the pills to a laboratory and test it yourselves. There have also been many cases where people have gone online and paid to buy hoodia and didn?t get the product. Choose a hoodia that has no Ephedra, no Ma Huang, and no Ephedrine . Reputable suppliers will display their certificates on their web sites . Look for Hoodia that is licensed by the Western Cape Conservation Authority of South Africa. There are two certified documents required to prove the authenticity of pure South African Hoodia. They are the C.I.T.E.S Certificate and the Analytical Report. Check out if those certificates are fake or real.

Recently lab analysis verification of the authenticity of the hoodia pills available in the market resulted in only 6 of 17 passed the test.11 failed the test because many of the U.S. manufacturers are fooled into buying bogus hoodia by hoodia brokers by using fraudulent methods. These brokers will buy real hoodia and add it up with sawdust, leaves and other types of plant and sell it as pure hoodia to US buyers. Some brokers will send real hoodia gordonii for sample testing and for bulk orders they send something else. Then there is another type of succulent which looks exactly like hoodia but do not have the same properties as hoodia which are collected because some think they are real hoodia while others turn a blind eye since this is very costly. Due to large scale cutting down of hoodia plants the plant has been classified as an endangered species.

Hoodia is going to be a revolution in the diet industry