Weight Loss Hypnosis Information

by : qdreams

If you've tried drab diets and fad fitness trends to no avail, perhaps it's time to consider a weight loss alternative. No, we're not talking about diet pills or liquid meals. What we are talking about is hypnosis - weight loss hypnosis, to be exact.

Not sure you can "think" yourself thin? That's understandable. After all, if you could think those unwanted pounds away, they wouldn't still be there and have you raging the war of your life with your own body, right?

So, you may be surprised to learned that weight loss hypnosis, which may best be described as a psychological condition or state in which an individual may be induced to show apparent differences in behavior and thinking regarding food, can be used to help you lose weight and even maintain your ideal weight once you achieve it.

In fact, weight loss hypnosis applications are being used with greater frequency in the medical and health-related fields today, with successes being touted in the treatment of sleep disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, weight loss, pain control, and more.

"Generally, the hypnotic state is defined as a state of focused concentration - a condition akin to being so absorbed in a good book that the outside world seems to fade away," explains Guy Montgomery, president of the Society of Psychological Hypnosis, a division of American Psychological Association.

According to Montgomery, it's during this state that patients become more open to suggestion.

But how does this apply to you and, more specifically to weight loss hypnosis? Well, for a stress eater, Montgomery might tell patients to picture themselves in a relaxing place whenever they feel the impulse to overeat.

Whether hypnosis will bring results varies from person to person as in any other treatment, Montgomery explained in the article. "We don't view (hypnosis) as a stand-alone therapy, but as an additional technique," he is quoted as saying.

Yes, weight loss hypnosis may be THE strong tool you need to finally achieve your weight loss dreams because it can be used to modify the very behaviors that seem to sabotage even your best diet and fitness efforts.

Additionally, weight loss hypnosis can help you control your cravings, to say no to those tempting late-night snacks, even help you to keep on walking when colleagues at work pass the fresh-baked brownies around the break room.

It all starts with realizing that your eating habits are more than likely caused by your emotions and not your grumbling stomach. Much stronger that your average appetite, your emotions may be the culprit for all of those unwanted pounds.

And, this is where hypnosis comes in.

Weight loss hypnosis gets to the root of your problem, your emotions, and helps you to finally succeed in controlling cravings, portions, etc. - all the things that add up to weight loss and weight management.

While you can learn some of the very basics of weight loss hypnosis, it is important to follow the advice of a professional, someone who has had success in the weight loss hypnosis arena. In particular, you want to work with a professional that boasts success in using weight loss hypnosis to achieve real life weight loss results.