What The Food Industry Does Not Want You to Know!

by : Medifast

In recent years, the number of over weight and obese men, women and children has increased sharply in the United States. There are multiple reasons why this is occurring, ranging from lack of exercise to poor eating habits. A resent study appearing in the American Journal of Public Health indicates that we not even be aware of some of the main causes of obesity. The study concludes that over the past 20 years, the size of portions served outside the home has steadily increased without consumer knowledge.

Food served outside the home accounted for about 37% of a typical household's food budget in 1970. This number has grown to almost 50% of the budget. This increase in time spent eating outside the home, matched with an increase in portion sizes given at restaurants, poses a serious health risk for us.

So who is to blame? The study sampled foods from both fast food restaurants and more traditional "sit-down" restaurants and found that both have increased their portion sizes immensely. It was also noted that the vast majority of the fast food restaurant establishments that had the largest increase in portion sizes were also the most financially successful! Startlingly, some of the portions served were found to exceed FDA and USDA standards by a whopping 700%!

It doesn't end here, however. In recent years, increased or deceptive portion sizes have begun to creep into our homes. In a recent study reported by MSNBC News, many well known cereal brands were found filling their single server boxes with much more food than their label states. The USDA Agricultural Research Service reports that this deception can equal anywhere from 10 to 100 extra calories and 3 to 19 extra carbohydrates per serving. It is very important to understand that this could seriously harm people whether they have diabetes or are on any diet program. Other foods in violation were cookies, pasta, muffins, meats and bagels.

With this abuse of standards, we are harming ourselves in more ways than we realize. Many of the foods in violation are full of calories, carbohydrates and fat, and when eaten in excess can eventually lead to serious health complications.

The trend of over proportioning has entered almost every part of our lives. Everything from beverages to candy bars is increasing in size. Even cookbooks now have decreased the number of servings expected from a recipe, reflecting an assumption that people eat more.

So what can you do to protect yourself?

* Don't feel obligated to eat all of your food when you eat out. In fact, a smaller portions size is best.

* While at home serve dinners in smaller bowls, tricking the mind into thinking into thinking you have more food.

* Don't be completely dependant on food labels and consult your doctor related to any medical questions.

Remember, only you have the power to fight back against deceptive portion sizes.