Is Xenical Safe And Effective?

by : ebookpalace

Xenical, the primary form of the generic drug Orlistat, is currently a prescription pill for weight loss. It works to block the fat ingested from being digested into the body. It blocks about a third of the ingested fat from being digested and through bowel movements the undigested fats are eliminated from the body. Xenical is a support method for those that are obese and working to lose weight. The pill alone is not the only method needed to lose weight, which is why it is called a support method. When coupled with diet, lifestyle changes, and exercise it can be beneficial to any personal weightloss regimen.

Xenical is only recommended for those who have a BMI (Body Mass Index) of greater than 29. It could also be suitable for those with a BMI greater than 26, if there are health risks involved, for example, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, or heart disease. What is great about Xenical is that it is recommended for use with a reduced calorie diet, that is as recommended by the AHA (American Heart Association). Therefore, it is not the pill alone that helps you lose weight, it is the pill combined with healthy choices that create the better and healthier you.

Xenical is usually taken three times daily, with each major meal that includes fats. The pill in generally a 120 mg capsule that is taken by mouth. It is also recommended that those taking Xenical take supplements daily that provide vitamins of beta-carotene, as well as D, E, and K. This is because Xenical can reduce the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins with the body.

There are fewer side effects when it comes to Xenical than other medications as well. The most general side affects include bowel habit changes. These changes could become uncomfortable because of the medication working to block the fat and releasing the undigested fats into the bowels. You can expect this side effect to occur during the first few weeks of consumption. It's not unordinary for you to experience them even after six months of use as well. If you consume more than the recommended fats, you may notice the inability to control bowel movements, have increased bowel movements, or even gas with oily discharges.

What makes Xenical different from other forms of weight loss medication is that it is not an appetite suppressant nor does it directly effect the brain. It works within the digestive system and blocks the food fats you ingest through meals. Furthermore, not only does Xenical help you lose weight but it helps you keep it of as well, something most other medications do not do for you.

Disclaimer - The information presented here should not be interpreted as or substituted for medical advice. Please talk to a qualified professional for more information about Xenical.