Weight Loss Hypnosis... is it For Real?

by : layback

Weight loss Hypnosis is one of the best methods of reducing weight. As there is no side effect with the use of hypnosis, this method is highly recommended by physician all over the world for the treatment of obesity. There is no need for dieting with the use of hypnosis for the control of overweight.

In weight loss hypnosis method of weight control, the doctors and the therapists work together to bring weight loss. In the hypnosis method, hypnotists are better trained to bring the weight loss in overweight person, the knowledge of hypnotists is better than that of psychologists. Hence hypnotists are preferred over psychologists. Hypnotists doing hypnosis must be certified by the hypnotists' organization. Overweight is determined by the body mass index. If the body mass index of an individual exceeds forty, it is better to consult a hypnotist for the treatment of obesity.

On consulting hypnotists for the treatment of obesity, the hypnotists will examine the various factors attributing to weight gain in overweight person; the various factors are the eating habits of the individual, and the mood swings of the individual. The hypnotists completely study the feeling of the individual and prepares the individual for the weight loss hypnosis session.

Those with some attitude which is skeptical are very difficult to hypnotize by the hypnotists. Cooperation of the individual undergoing hypnosis is essential in carrying out weight loss hypnosis. Positive attitude of the individual undergoing hypnosis is essential for the positive outcome of the hypnosis method.

In the weight loss hypnosis method of weight reduction, the individual has to undergo a week of hypnosis session; the hypnosis session has to be carried for about six times for the better outcome of result. The outcome of the hypnosis method is affected with only one session of hypnosis method. Only a few session of hypnosis method will give better results. The person undergoing hypnosis method has to periodically call hypnotists for appointment and the hypnotists do hypnosis on the individual for weight loss.

Certain types of audio products are available in the market for the various functions of the body such as concentration of an individual can be improved with the use of this audio product. Global hypnosis is one of the audio products designed to reduction of weight by using the weight loss hypnosis method. In this audio product, sound therapy is used in conjunction with self hypnosis. By using this products, all the muscles in the human body can be relaxed, there is also in the flow of blood, increase in the flow of blood increases the concentration of the individual. By sound therapy, blood pressure is regulated. Enormous health benefits can be achieved by stopping smoking.

In self hypnosis, a voice which is mesmerizing is used to do the hypnosis. All natural sounds are mixed in this method; natural sound of rain gives a soothing feeling to the listener.

In sound therapy, a sound track is used to relax the listener, the sound tract played for a period of 30 minutes. In this sound therapy, specific sounds are created to give the listener a soothing feeling. This sound therapy increases the mental consciousness of the individual.

Weight loss hypnosis can be done to reduce the weight of an overweight individual.