Why Hypnosis for Weight Loss?

by : sayedah

Do You:
Yo Yo diet?

Through hypnosis you will:
Reduce or eliminate cravings
Discover the ideal weight for you not the weight you should be
Visualise yourself thinner and create it

Hypnosis allows you to get to the root of food cravings and transform them. You will visualise yourself at your ideal weight. You will also be able to have a complete experience, sensing what it really feels like, looks like, and how being at your ideal weight may impact and enhance other areas of your life.

Do You:
Struggle with dieting?

Through Hypnosis you will:
Be Inspired by your goal
Eliminate the need for dieting
Create new eating and exercise habits
Release weight with EASE AND COMFORT

The biggest advantage to hypnosis is that it taps the unconscious mind directly. Due to this, a sense of struggle is eliminated and goals are achieved with EASE AND COMFORT. You will create new habits easily and comfortably at a pace that is appropriate for you and suited to your lifestyle. You will be amazed at how effortlessly you can release the weight. Hypnosis creates natural changes, so the need for dieting will disappear. You will replace this with healthy eating and exercise habits.

Are You:
Feeling Depressed?
Experiencing low self-esteem?

Excess weight snatches away self-confidence and people are often left feeling depressed. Hypnosis will heal the cause of why you eat and put on the excess weight. You will release that weight and the depression will lift. Also, if there are other areas of your life that are not working, hypnosis can address those areas to create healing and help you set new, inspiring goals.

Through hypnosis you will:
Love and appreciate yourself
Connect to a new you
Feel calm, happy, and in control
Feel fulfilled and empowered

Hypnosis allows you to heal emotional issues with ease and comfort. Some hypnotic techniques allow you to go to particular instances of your life that affected your self-esteem or hurt you in some way, and clean them up. You will be able to do this without revisiting those negative feelings. You will feel wonderful. Hypnosis makes it easy.

Are you:
Stressed about your weight?
Feeling lonely or isolated?

Through hypnosis you will:
Be confident to socialise
Feel attractive
Accept attention from others
Feel COMFORTABLE with yourself

The biggest advantage of hypnosis is that its very RELAXING. All you have to do is be there and ENJOY the process. Whilst enjoying the hypnotic trance, you will be able to gain other benefits such as healing past traumatic issues, or enhancing your skills and abilities.