What To Carry In a Fitness Kit

by : totalactivation

It's not hard to remember what you need when going for a spring picnic. You need some sandwiches, water bottles and a few other tools to make the trip fun and exciting. When something is important (and fun), we tend to be organized, in order to ensure that we have a good time. Somehow, its different when going to the gym. Call it a reluctance to go, or a lack of planning, many individuals forget, or do not have the necessary items in a gym bag. Having the right accessories is the difference between another boring workout and an effective, enjoyable exercise session.

This information will help you put together your ultimate fitness bag so you can train anytime, anywhere. You will need some of these 'accessories' if you go to a local gym, a walk in the park, or even your own home. You will always be prepared for that workout, anytime! Make sure to keep this 'magic fitness bag' in the trunk, so you can take advantage of your gym membership anytime you like.


Sipping water at regular intervals in the gym is important, since constant hydration is crucial, especially in hot and congested gyms / areas. Unless your gym has a machine mounted water filter, it would be wise to carry 2 - 3 water bottles at all times. When exercising, Drink 2 -3 mouthfuls of water every 10-15 minutes between exercises. Do not wait till you feel thirsty. Cool water is preferable to chilled or warm water, since it is absorbed from the intestine faster.


Available at most sports shops, these gloves help to protect your palms from blisters and abrasions when you lift dumbbells in the gym. Some individuals may wish to exercise without gloves, and it's a matter of personal preference.


A napkin is essential to keep your skin dry from the perspiration. Also, you should lay down the towel on the machine before you use it, to prevent leaving behind a trial of sweat - After all, there are others who use the gym, and like you, they would prefer for the machines and dumbbells to be clean and dry. So do your bit.


Helpful to leave you refreshed after the workout. Liquid soap and shampoo would be a great idea since all gyms do not provide toiletries.


Its great to grab a quick shower after the workout and change into a fresh pair of clothes. Most of us tend to skip the work out since we tend to forget that spare set.

Additional accessories include wrist bands, knee wraps, crepe bandages and a digital heart rate monitor to maintain one's heart rate in the ideal range for fat loss. This is 55-80 % of maximum heart rate. These tools are helpful but not essential.

So the next time you exercise, don't forget your fitness accessories. The difference between a good and great workout is always in the details.