How Your Own Natural Hormones Can Cause Excess Weight Gain

by : teahupoo

A natural steroid hormone, Cortisol has recently become the wonder reference for weight loss. Many might wonder how this stress hormone, naturally produced by the body's adrenal gland cortex, helps a person lose weight. It seems to have no connection: it is connected to different bodily functions, works with the immune system, regulates the body's blood sugar, and is directly related to liver function. Understanding the link between cortisol and weight loss begins with a look at how cortisol levels fluctuate throughout a day.

Although this knowledge is not going to solve all your weight lose issues, it is a great place to start. Understanding what the substance is and how it effects your body is an important part of weight lose.

Most people experience a constant state of cortisol flux. Typically individuals have a higher level of the hormone early in the day. Throughout the day, levels gradually fall, with the peak level occurring in the first 20 to 30 minutes of awake time. Certain triggers will cause the hormone levels to rise and fall throughout a day, primarily stress. Whenever he feels stress, a person's body releases a strong dose of cortisol. Thus we see this is directly related to the famous "fight or flight" syndrome.

Those concerned with weight loss should be concerned with the production of this stress hormone. Experts believe a connection between cortisol production and weight gain exists. Here's the theory: every time you experience stress, your body releases the hormone. Extra release of the hormone causes you to gain weight because this strong stress hormone also is related to fat building at cellular level.

Stress and extra cortisol is not good for your body on a continued basis. It is important for you to try to reduce your level of constant stress as much as you can. Take a close look at your life and all the stressors in it and try to eliminate a few of them.

The danger of chronic stress has long been the topic of many writers, and indeed it can cause some serious problems. Chronic stress, according to researchers, may just be causing excessive weight gain. Those who suffer from excess cortisol can get help. If you believe your body is producing too much of the hormone, thus resulting in excessive, stress-related weight gain, you can utilize special cortisol-blockers that will help solve your problems. But before you start popping pills, consult a physician to make sure that your hormones indeed are causing weight gain.