7 Ways To Lose Weight Without Trying

by : Julian

1.Drink more water : Yes, water is the hero again, guzzling loads of water will keep your metabolism ticking over nicely so keep a bottle with you at all times.

Some people suggest that drinking iced water can boost the metabolism because the body needs to raise its own temperature to warm the water ( the definition of a calorie being the energy required to raise the temperature of 1 litre of water by 1 degree), but can put a stress on the internal organs so lets keep it room temperature.

2.Have a starter : before each meal, sit and enjoy a colourful bowl of mixed salad. You will be giving yourself a great vitamin fix, and taking the edge off your appetite at the same time. The water source it provides will make you less likely to drink with your food which can hamper digestion, leading to undigested food sitting around in you bowels causing bloating and constipation.

This will also decrease the risk of you over indulging when it comes to your entree. Also, because it is an extra course you are actually eating more not less.

3.Go green : if you love your daily cuppa or 3, switch to the green variety. This is a rich source of phytonutrients including ECGC which studies have suggested can boost your basal metabolic rate and encourage weight loss.

4.Get moving : especially in the mornings or before the sun goes down. The more you exercise the higher your metalbolic rate will be, meaning that you will burn more calories even when you are at rest. As most of us tend to get a bit sluggish towards the end of the day, this is an ideal time to take a brisk walk and wake up you system and your appetite in preparation for dinner.

5.Get More Shut Eye : According to a study by the Us National Institute of Mental Health, one extra hour of shut hour a night could leave you lighter. When you are asleep, you release Liptin, a chemical which controls body fat by signalling when we are full. A lack of sleep can lead to over eating and cravings for sweet fatty foods.

6.Start early : Research repeatedly show that those who eat breakfast are more successful at loosing weight and keeping it off than those who dont so get into the habit of kickstarting your metabolism first thing in the morning. This doesnt mean you have to force down a fried eggs, sausage, bacon and toast everyday.

When you wake drink a glass of warm water with the juice of half a lemon then 30 minutes later enjoy a smoothie, a fruit salad, homemade muesli or if you are ok with wheat, wholegrain toast with marmite (but not every day). Then make your lunch the biggest meal of the day and eat it between about 12- 3pm, with a smaller dinner before 7pm

7.Eat Smart : Around 10 percent of the calories we consume are used in the action of eating, digesting and absorbing food itself. This is called dietary thermogenesis. However the thermogenic effects of protein is considerably higher and results in a calorie expenditure of around 30 percent.

Therefore it makes good sense to include some good quality protein in every meal you eat, such as eggs, fish, pulse or soya. Add some spice such as chilli and you will be raising your metabolic rate even further. Quorn curry anyone?