Sit Down And Shape Up - If You Can Sit You Can Get Fit

by : isobreathing

If you have a chair, 15 minutes a day, and the desire to lose 35 or more pounds, look into Isometric Weight Loss Exercise. Isometrics is the low resistance discipline of increasing muscle tension through muscle contraction, utilizing your own energy to burn calories. Unlike lifting weights, muscle length stays the same, reducing strain. From middle age through your golden years, this low-impact practice allows you to lose weight and inches, while increasing strength, energy and flexibility, and you can do it sitting down.

First, like any excercise you must learn the techniques. You can do this with a trainer, in a gym or by buying an exercise DVD. Start by learning the various simple routines, including slow, rhythmic breathing techniques and gentle stretching. Then go to the mirror and visualize yourself the way you want to be. If you follow the course, indulge in some light aerobic activity such as walking or swimming, and modestly improve your nutrition, when you look in the mirror again in 4 to 7 days, you will see a marked difference. Stay the course, and you will reach your goal.

Isometric weight loss exercise is designed for the busy professional woman, the relentless homemaker, the harried soccer mom, the grandmother who wants to get back in the swing of things, or those with medical or physical limitations. Results are obtained without pain, sweat, calorie counting or specialized diets. As most of the isometric exercises can be done in a chair, you are free of costly gym fees, house-cluttering equipment, and the intimidation of prying eyes. You only need to stretch and exercise once a day, for 10 to 15 minutes. Practice your breathing 5 times a day. You can do it while sitting at your computer, shopping, watching TV, or just taking some quiet time to relax.

Learning proper body positioning is critical to your success. It allows you to target the correct muscle groups without engaging areas you are not ready to work. A full length mirror, if available, is helpful in making sure that that you are upright as you go through your routine. As easy as the weight loss exercises are, they must be performed appropriately in order to optimize efficiency.

Strengthening upper body muscles is very important as a woman matures. Statistics show that a significant number of people who have passed their 65th year are unable to lift 5 pounds above their heads. Even the mundane task of putting groceries away becomes a risk.

So go get that chair, and look forward to being stronger, leaner and happier. You give your time to everyone else; take some back for yourself. Sit and get fit.