How to Safely Burn Fat Fast

by : snook2

There must be tens of thousands of ways people suggest to burn fat. Just go out on the Internet and search on burning fat and you will see everyone's opinion on how to do it. Anyone can burn fat but how to do it safely is the key. Some people will suggest starvation diets but obviously you will only lose water weight and can put yourself at risk for some serious health problems. Then there are the low-carbohydrate and high-protein diets. These are dangerous for people with serious conditions such as gout where the last thing needed is a high - protein diet. And the list goes on from energy drinks to herbal supplements boasting to help you with your weight loss. But no matter what is out there on the market, it all comes back to one way to safely burn fat fast and that is to burn more calories than you take in. And the only way you do this is through exercise - especially if you have a sedentary lifestyle and work at a desk most of the day. You can exercise effectively as well without having to buy expensive gym memberships.

First of all, before you start an exercise program, you need to make sure that it is okay for you. Walking programs are fairly safe for anyone to get started with. In fact, most doctors recommend walking for cardiac patients quite frequently. So walking is a great way to get started right away. Walking uses up oxygen and when you do that, the body turns to other energy sources to feed itself and this would be the stored carbohydrates in your system in the form of fat. One source says that walking a mile will burn 100 calories and that 3,500 calories equals one pound. But you cannot walk 35 miles a day. So you have to combine your scheduled walk with many unscheduled walks such as walking to the grocery store, walking to work, walking upstairs instead of taking the elevator, and looking for every possible opportunity you can to walk.

So walking is good to get started but you will want to safely increase the intensity of your exercise in order to burn fat faster. This increase needs to be gradual especially if you are seriously overweight and have not exercised in quite some time. To increase the intensity of your walking, try climbing stairs. In fact, look for every place where there are stairs and use them. Stadiums are a good place to find stairs. If you have access to a stadium you can spend your time running up and down those. Cardiac doctors recommend that patients start stair climbing very gradually. If you are a cardiac patient then consult your doctor.

And as you get into better shape, you can intensify your exercise program by maybe running or doing wind sprints. No matter what, the key to burning fat quickly and keeping it off is through activity and resistance activity is the best. Resistance activity is where you push against some force. For example, walking up and down stairs is a resistance activity because you are resisting the downward pull of gravity. This is how you burn fat fast. Activity burns those extra calories. There is really no other safe way around it.