Hypnosis Weight Loss - Does Hypnosis Work?

by : rsmb99

The word hypnosis never fails to conjure up images of something mysterious, shady or even downright occult in the minds of most of us. Be told the word hypnosis, and in your mind's eye you may see the silhouette of a black-hatted man waving his pocket watch back and forth. That mysterious hypnotist figure popularized in cinema, comic strips and TV. Its not difficult to reason why most people come to doubt the efficacy or otherwise of hypnosis weight loss.

Though many people believe otherwise, its true that subjects under a hypnotic spell are not really enslaved by a master who can then seize control of their actions. They may appear passive and look like they are asleep to an onlooker but are actually in a very hyper attentive state. It is in this state of high alertness that they become extremely open to suggestion. This explains to a very large extent the effectiveness of hypnosis weight loss techniques.

Do you remember the last time you where so weary and lying in bed and you had that wonderful feeling of being overcome with comfort. You then wished it could remain that way for ever. Well, the truth is - a trained hypnotherapist can help you attain that state quite easily, with your cooperation, of course. It will then be possible for him to make you visualize yourself becoming healthier, happier, richer, more confident, a non smoker or whatever. So also during a hypnosis weight loss session, the therapist can induce in you the mindset you need to lose weight, control your food cravings, exercise regularly and so on.

The rationale behind medical hypnotherapy is that the mind and body are intimately interlinked and influencing one never fails to affect the other. If you suggest to the subconscious mind that the body is free of pain or disease, it will actually bring about that change. This is the reason why thousands around the world have experienced hypnosis weight loss who never thought they could.

There is a vast deal of evidence to support the idea of hypnosis weight loss. Thanks to the power of hypnotic suggestion,innumerable women have made it through childbirth sans the pain and discomfort. It has helped manage the pain of chemotherapy in countless cancer patients. And many ex patients credit their recovery to hypnotherapy alone. The success of hypnotherapy is undeniable and finally doctors today agree that hypnosis weight loss works.

Many people do not believe in hypnosis weight loss. And there are so many others who do not even believe that hypnosis is real. However, they do admit to having drifted off whilst thinking about a loved one, forgetting large chunks of a car journey (commonly known as highway hypnosis), or "going somewhere far away" while reading a book. These are examples of natural trance states. Hypnosis weight loss is about as harmless and without any damaging side effects as any one of those.

Ex smokers and drug addicts have sworn by it. It has consistently helped solve marital problems and rectify criminal behavior. Hypnosis has also been used successfully where lie detector tests have failed! And thousands have benefited from hypnosis weight loss too.

Smoking, drinking and over-eating (the leading cause of weight gain and obesity) are bad habits caused by a malformed or wrong mindset. Proper counseling or even better, hypnotherapy with the help of a trained hipnotherapist can help you to permanently change or erase such mindsets and help you change your life for good.