How Not to Gain Weight During Your Summer Vacations

by : j_hardcastle89

Luckily, it is that time of year again. You have searched the destination of your choice, booked the tickets and the room, and you are about to leave your worries back in the office or house, except one; your weight. It is true that during our summer vacations, we tend to explore apart from the natural beauties of the places we visit, also the local cuisine that offers a variety of temptations for us to resist. But, in order not to be afraid to weight yourself when you enter your house again, you should better read this short guide on how not to gain weight during your summer vacations.

People tend to think that when they are on vacations it is allowed for them not to follow any type of diet plan or continue to measure their food portions. After all it is summer time; which automatically is translated as the time one should let his/her guards down. Well, tempting as this may seem for many, we all know the outcomes of such a "relaxed" nutritional plan; more business for those weight-loss centers upon the completion of our summer period. But, there is a way out and it does not include "starvation." Keeping your diet's balance is not that difficult, as long as you know what to avoid, when and why.

Let me begin by stating that there are no "bad" foods. There are only bad food habits. One can enjoy an ice-cream, a chocolate cake, an eight-portion meal, or a bag of chips and still manage to keep his or her figure, be active, energetic and fit. The first rule is for you not to skip meals. Instead of eating a big portion of food after starving all day at the beach, you should enjoy a healthy and balanced breakfast that will keep your stomach full and your energy levels high. Then, depending on your usual eating habits, you could eat a light lunch and a heavier early dinner, or vise versa. If you are confused on what to select for your snacks, you can select among fresh fruits, a yogurt or a small tomato and cheese sandwich. By keeping your main three meals a day and adding a couple of snacks in between, you are able to control better your appetite and resist the numerous temptations that can allure you appetite to explore. Moreover, by skipping meals you are destined to eat more and faster, a practice that does not providing enough time for your stomach to inform your brain that it is now full and you should stop.

Swim, walk, do some bicycling and in general exercise! One of the main reasons you can enjoy a heavier meal than usual, without thinking that it will destroy your figure, is the fact that during your summer vacations you exercise more. Take advantage of the opportunities offered in your vacating destination and enjoy the experience of feeling fit and full of energy again. These types of outdoor activities can slim your waistline, reduce significantly your stress, add years of life and improve your cardiovascular and immune systems. Fitness is not a word you should be afraid of. Staying healthy by keeping your body and mind fit are not things you should consider only after you return. By participating in different sports and remembering how it feels to be active, you are improving your chances of staying healthy longer and experience life to its fullest.

Finally, try to sleep as many hours as your body needs to feel relaxed but be active when you wake up. Of course, go out, have fun, dance, play beach sports and converse with friends or strangers. Vacation memories are those you will remember through the years and you should do everything in your power to experience them in full while staying fit.