Loosing Weight With Pilates

by : j_hardcastle89

The excess weight around your hips and waistline is in fact the outcome of poor nutrition and low exercise levels. According to scientists, the decreased exercising levels of current busy working professionals have resulted in poor metabolism rates and in many cases obesity. In fact, low levels of metabolism can be a serious problem, as more fat cells remain trapped in one's body and less muscle tone does lead to various pains and health problems. However, even if you have been witnessing your body's decade, there is no need for you to panic. Everything can go back to normal as long as your metabolism levels can change. Pilates, is a great way to succeed in getting your body back onto track and your mind off those chocolate-chip cookies you have been craving to taste every night before you go to sleep.

In the early 20th century, Joseph Pilates developed a physical fitness system, known today around the world under his name: Pilates. According to its developer, Pilates is a method of using the mind to control the muscles. Since it focuses on the muscles that are responsible for a person's posture, providing spine support is the main goal of this fitness set. By using repetitive exercises of breathing and spine alignment, Pilates is a holistic physical experience, through which a person's body learns again how to move correctly and coordinate the body's movements via one's mind.

Thus, if you wish to learn how to use your body's abilities and reconstruct your posture and improve your physical fitness level, Pilates is a great method to achieve your goal. Instead of just concentrating on how to avoid eating large quantities of food, you can now concentrate on how to use your breathing to control your muscles and posture. Given the fact that genes do play a crucial role in determining a body's ability to move, but also its predisposition to handle the excess amount of calories consumed, Pilates can become a great method to improve one's abilities.

In addition, according to recent studies poor eating habits were and low exercise levels have indeed increased the obesity problem, for people of all ages. Thus, the need to find the fine line between eating and healthy living has become immense. Committing to improve your health status by joining your local Pilates team center, you can soon feel happy with your choice of healthy hobby. Pilates can even take you as far as enjoying an ice-cream without having to worry that your weight will increase with every bight or that your muscles will not be fit for an endurance challenge. In fact, performing a simple set of Pilates exercises one can maintain a better metabolic rate and enjoy a healthy living style.