7 Weight Loss Motivation Tips

by : jayzn

When you are dieting, having weight loss motivation can be a struggle for anyone. The continual cycle of gaining weight, losing weight, gaining weight and losing weight can become very tiresome and demotivating.

The following tips are from my courses and seminars to help you get rid of that weight and find that weight loss motivation.

Tip 1 - Know what you want

Make sure you know precisely how much weight you are going to get rid of. Some weight just doesn't cut it, so have a precise figure for your target weight and how much you are losing.

Tip 2 - Avoid the scales

Avoid weighing yourself every single day, it'll just dent your weight loss motivation and frustrate you. Instead, pick one day a week to weigh yourself and weigh yourself every week at the same time (I usually recommend Monday's as you may be at your heaviest after any weekend excesses!).

Tip 3 - Watch the inches, not the pounds

Often weight loss isn't immediately noticeable through weight, but is more obvious through inches lost. So, measure your chest, waist, hips and thighs and record the results so you can track them over time.

Tip 4 - Track your results

Motivation comes from seeing regular results, so track your weight loss successes and your measurements shrinking. This will ensure you are more motivated to lose weight.

Tip 5 - Eat regularly, avoid starving yourself

The majority of dieters think that they can skip meals to lose weight faster. STOP IT! It doesn't work like that. If you skip meals then your body is going to think there's a famine on the way, which means your body starts to piles on the fat to ensure you survive the famine. Eat regular healthy meals and you'll find your diet much easier.

Tip 6 - Don't Deny Yourself

Many dieters will deny themselves anything nice such as chocolate, cakes, etc. Trouble is, when you deny yourself something, you want it even more. So instead CHOOSE not to have it, because then you are in control and don't feel those uncontrolable urges. Occasionally, you may choose to have a treat, which is great too, because you deserve it.

Tip 7 - Drink, drink, drink

And no, I don't mean alcohol. I mean yummy, delicious water. Drink plenty of it as it will flush toxins from your system and help keep you healthy.

These seven tips for weight loss motivation and success will help you to rapidly lose weight with the minimum of trouble.