Do You Really Have to Ban Dessert?

by : judesbiz

One of the first things that is always added to the "I can't have" list when starting a diet is dessert. Such things as cheesecake, chocolate, ice cream, cupcakes and cookies have been forbidden. Of course, when you know you can't have it, that's when you want it the most!

So, when she does have a bite of that forbidden sweet, it usually becomes a binge eating session. On the other hand, if that food is allowed on her diet, it's likely she won't want is half as bad as if it is forbidden.

So instead of banning those precious desserts from your diet, determine which foods are particularly important to you. Work those foods into your diet and cut back on those that are not as important to you. If chocolate is your passion, pick a reasonable portion that you may have on certain days.

Having what you like most helps you to avoid binge eating. But eating small amounts of dessert on a regular basis can also cut down on unnecessary snacking. When you eat a dessert after your meal, your brain gets the signal that it needs to know that the meal is really over. Without that something sweet, you may not feel satisfied. And you'll be searching through the refrigerator and pantry looking for something to snack on.

When you're adding desserts into your fat fighting plan, you need to pay attention to the portion size and fat content. Here are a few ways to do that:

1. Ask yourself, "Do I have to have dessert every day? Does my body physically crave it? The answer is probably no. So, instead of having dessert every day, try to have it only four times a week. Then make your dessert days the same days that you exercise. You won't feel as guilty about indulging.

2. Don't eat fat you don't need. Just because you want to eat something sweet, doesn't mean it has to be the most fattening dessert available. Instead of eating cheesecake or chocolate chip cookies, have fig bars, sherbert, or ginger snaps.

3. Satisfy your craving for sweets with fruit. Make a dessert out of fruit by making a fruit shake. Add a puree of fruit to skim milk, cinnamon and vanilla. Blend it all in a blender until smooth. Sweet - but not fattening.

4. Take only three bites. On those days when you absolutely can't do without the most fattening dessert on the planet, go ahead and indulge. But -- only take three normal sized bites. Savor each bite. Chew it slowly and enjoy it. Sometimes that is all that is needed to take the edge off of your cravings.

So, you see, you can have dessert! Just be reasonable about it. Don't totally bann those goodies from your diet. If you totally deprive yourself, you are more likely to go on a 2-gallon icecream binge later.