Weight Loss Motivation

by : rankstorm

A lot of people quit in the middle of a weight management program because they have lost their weight loss motivation. After a few weeks of dieting and exercising, it is normal for people to start losing some interest in what they are doing. In fact, during the first few weeks of a weight reduction program, a lot of people would decide that they do not want to continue because they are no longer interested.

If you are one of those people who have lost their enthusiasm about their weight program, you should find a weight loss motivation. Remember that if you quit, you will never be able to shed off that extra weight off your body. Besides, if you have already invested money in your weight reduction program, you investment will simply go to waste!

Setting reasonable expectations

According to weight loss trainers, you should keep your expectations reasonable and realistic so that you will not lose interest easily. Focusing on short-term goals is very effect when it comes to motivating people to continue with their program. For instance, you set a goal of losing at least two pounds per week. Since losing two pounds in a week is very realistic and easy to attain, you will be motivated to work towards that goal.

Aside from focusing on short-term goals, you should focus more on your activities rather than your weight. If you give your whole attention on the amount of calories that you eat versus the amount of calories that you burn during your daily exercise routine, you would mostly be more motivated to go on with your program.

Having an ideal body image

To keep you in the right track, you should keep an idea body image for yourself. Having that mental picture of yourself looking slim and healthy is a powerful weight loss motivation for you. If you need some visual image, find somebody whose body you admire and keep a picture of that person in your room. Tell yourself everyday that someday you will look like this person. The power of suggestion always work especially when you repeat it constantly.

Working with a partner

One of the best ways to motivate yourself you continue your program is to have a partner. If you do your diet and exercise all by yourself, you will easily get bored and then stop. If you have partner who is also into the same weight loss program, dieting and exercising becomes a social affair so you are less likely to lose interest. According to studies, working out with a partner or a team is more effective. Having a support group where you can share your diet and exercise troubles is a good way to keep toy interested.

Rewarding yourself

Rewarding yourself for your achievements is a weight loss motivation. Set a goal for yourself and once you achieve that goal treat yourself to something that you have always wanted to. For instance, if you have been planning to go to the spa and relax, make that as your reward for yourself. Tell yourself that if you achieve your goal for the month, you will treat yourself to the spa.