Goal Setting and Motivation for Weight Loss

by : MariaLeong

1) Make your goal bite-sized

Think of it this way. If the piece of cake is too big, it won't fit into your mouth...

Split your goal into several short-term targets.

Taking the example of "I want to lose 10Kg". Your first short-term target will be "I want to lose 1Kg".

As you achieve each short-term target, you will feel that you are getting somewhere and that keeps you motivated to want to do more.

2) Be specific in your short-term target by including your action

When we specify an action, it is something tangible and easier for you to do it.

Eg. Instead of saying "I want to lose 1Kg". You should say "I want to lose 1Kg by exercising 30 minutes everyday".

3) Reward yourself

As you achieve each short-term target, reward yourself. It could be something simple like, having a low-fat yoghurt.

You will find that you are happier and have more energy to come back, and work on more of your short-term targets after the special reward.

4) Peer Motivation

Tell 3 of your best friends your goal and your short-term targets. It would be even better if they join you and provide peer motivation.

It is really helpful to get that phone call and mental boost from one of them, that it is time to go for that 30 minutes jog in the park.

5) Weight Loss contest

Organise a weight loss contest among your friends. If your short-term target is to lose 1Kg, turn that into a contest and have a prize for the winner.

Remember, motivation and correct goal setting is crucial to your weight loss.

Keep at it, and I wish you success!