How The Power of Walking Can Help You Lose Weight

by : Kimbles

I want to share the amazing power of walking in losing weight.

Whether you want to lose weight, improve your health, or both, I have found walking to be one of the best ways to do so. Walking bums almost as many calories as jogging and it can help to strengthen your bones. If you have cholesterol problems it can cut down on these levels and also lower your blood pressure. Moreover, the mental boost alone is a good enough reason to take up walking. It is easy, can be done anywhere, you do not have to pay to go to a gym and you can do it alone or with a walking group or buddy.

To get the best results from your walk, it is very important that you be consistent. To set yourself up for success then, make a walking routine that fits into your life. On the days I know I am really pressed for time, I do my 20-minute workout and on the days I less pressed for time I enjoy my 50-min workout.

Walking energizes you, shapes the full body including your arms - it's amazing!) and burns lots of calories. If you include a regular walking routine during your week you could lose up to 3 pounds in a month without changing your diet. Any kind of walking at a good pace will burn calories, but walking at planned changes in speeds will help you burn calories more efficiently. I really hope my 50 minute walking plan will help you structure an exercise routine. It is ready for you to use. You can edit this to a 20 min workout for the days you have less time.

50 minutes Walking Plan

Treadmill Level (It does depend on the treadmill - so judge for yourself or ask a trainer at the gym.)

*** The section from the 1 min Strong Walk must be repeated 2x.***

5:00 Warm-Up 4-5
2:00 Brisk Walk 5-6
1:00 Easy Walk 4-5
4:00 Brisk Walk 5-6
2:00 Easy Walk 4-5
6:00 Brisk Walk 5-6
3:00 Easy Walk 4-5
1:00 Strong Walk 6-7
1:00 Easy Walk 4-5
2:00 Strong Walk 6-7
2:00 Easy Walk 4-5
3:00 Strong Walk 6-7
3:00 Easy Walk 4-5
3: 00 Cool down 3-4