Weight Loss Supplements - Which Should You Take?

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Trying to lose weight is tough. It's real tough. There's months of eating right and working out to get back into shape. It seems like anything that might make the process just a little bit easier would be welcome. There are many things out there that could help, but what might really work?

There is no miracle cure to lose weight quickly. There simply is no replacing cutting calories and exercise in order to lose weight. There are products, however, that can help you to feel better, pump up your metabolism, help you curb your appetite and just make the journey that much easier.

There are tons of supplements out there that are available, many of which claim to do amazing things. Are any of them true? Well some are probably more hopes than reality. There are a few that are pretty popular. Here's a list of five weight loss supplements that could help you with your weight loss.

Five Natural Weight Loss Supplements


Hoodia is a very popular natural supplement that decreases your appetite. Your body is used to taking in a certain amount of food after so much eating. When you diet, or adjust your food intake to fit what a normal person eats, your body might go through periods of cravings. Cravings can cause you to think you are hungry and eat more. Hoodia eliminates your appetite, so you do won't feel hungry. Some people have stated that they didn't feel a need to eat so they forgot about food.

Does it work? Those who have tried it seem to have felt a decrease in appetite. While there is no conclusive evidence, hoodia still sells well and seems to be somewhat safe. There have been many people supporting hoodia as a natural supplement in support of weight loss or weight maintenance.


Chromium is a supplement that supposedly eliminates fat and improves muscles. Chromium is a supplement that humans require, though in very small amounts. You can get chromium in your food, like in Broccoli, grape juice, or in potatoes. It is believed that taking in the supplement actually enhances your body's ability to improve muscles and get rid of fat.

While no evidence has been gathered about it's effect, it has proven to be relatively safe. The long-term effects of taking chromium are unknown. While the details of if it works is still unknown, there have been many claims.

Oolong tea

Like many other teas, oolong tea is a natural supplement that can help to boost your metabolism. Most research suggests that it can boost your metabolism by about 4%. It can help when you're trying to work on increasing your energy for exercise and lose more weight. One of the reasons why this one is so popular is that it has been recommended by Oprah Winfrey.

Oolong tea is just like any other tea, it is just process differently so you get different levels of antioxidants, though the results seem to be rather promising. Mild side effects seem only to be an increase of urination in the beginning, supposedly as your body is getting rid of toxins. The oolong tea is readily available online.


Chitosan comes from the shells of shrimp. It works as a fat inhibitor. It helps to block the fats you are eating from being digested. So if you are on a diet, and you use something like chitosan, it will help lower the mount of fat your body takes in, and it flushes right out with your excess waste.

While thorough studies have yet to be done, it has been deemed to be relatively safe. Again the long-term effects of using chitosan as a weight loss supplement is unknown. Some side effects include bloating and constipation.

Guar Gum

This is another natural supplement that while not quite as popular, it is growing in popularity along with the other supplements. It helps you to lose weight by blocking the absorption of fat. It can also increase the feeling of fullness, so you eat less when you sit down to a meal. It has been deemed to be safe.

Side effects might include diarrhea or flatulence. You must also take plenty of water when taking guar gum or it might lead to a blockage in your intestines. Not many studies have been conclusive to identify if the effects promised are accurate, though it does seem to be promising.

Talk With Your Doctor Before Taking Supplements

As with all supplements or beginning any weight loss program, talk to your doctor before taking. Make sure you stop taking any supplements if you find yourself having any kind of symptoms that seem out of the ordinary. Call your doctor immediately if any side effects seem to be severe.

So there are supplements that might help you with your weight loss program. Taking one or more of these supplements might be an aide, but again, there is no miracle cure. There's nothing on the market that you can simply swallow and expect results of weight loss over night. It does take effort to be able to lose weight and to be able to keep it off.

All of the supplements are available over the counter at your local herbal or wellness store. They have been deemed safe to use, and since they are all natural, you don't have to worry about chemicals or toxins. Some of the supplements actually help to detoxify your body.

It can be done though. The supplements listed can also help make it easier. You might try going on a diet. Supplements like the hoodia might take your mind off of food until your next meal. Oolong tea can help you find that extra boost of energy to get you off the couch and into your walking shoes.

So if you are going to get into a weight loss program, do it right. Talk to your doctor. Plan ahead. Eat right. Exercise regularly. Take supplements as needed and as directed by your doctor to help support you in your plans. Most of all, be safe in your goal to lose weight and to help keep it off.