Save Big Money By Purchasing A Diesel SUV Instead Of Gas

by : teahupoo

Americans have a love affair with SUV's and according to President Bush are addicted to gas. More than half of the vehicles on the road now are SUVs and trucks that use huge amounts of gas and they are especially prevalent during holiday seasons. Driving these types of vehicles is not only a burden on the individual but as President Bush indicated they also do nothing to help us free ourselves from the grips of foreign oil.

The problem with SUVs and large trucks is that conventional gasoline engines aren't really designed to handle the excessive weight of the SUVs and trucks that seem to get larger every year. In contrast, diesel engines do provide the necessary power with greater fuel economy while burning cleaner at the same time.

Diesel engines like the Power Stroke Diesel in Ford F-Series Super Duty pickups are specifically made to provide better mileage -- 30 percent in most cases -- and have more pulling power than gas engines, which is why they are especially popular among those hauling camping gear or towing boats, RVs and horse trailers.

Diesel engines produce more power than gasoline engines because diesel fuel itself has more energy. And today's diesel engines are electronically controlled to boost performance and fuel efficiency.

The lack of widespread popularity of diesel engines in the United States may be due to the fact that many Americans aren't really informed about the new diesel engines and think of the smelly and noisy diesels from the 1970's. The fact of the matter is that the diesels of today are much better and run quietly while putting off little or no odor and smoke.

Large automakers like "The Big Three", Ford, GM, and Chrysler are very cognizant of the fact that diesel powered engines are a solid solution to reducing emissions and improving fuel economy and are investing millions to refining the technology.

In the current environment the option of adding a diesel engine on a new vehicle adds several thousand dollars to the price tag which puts it out of reach for many people, but if you take the fuel savings into account the cost difference can be made up in three years. In addition a diesel engine is built to last much longer than the traditional gas engines are which adds to their residual value.

If you are considering buying an SUV or full size pick take a closer look at the diesel option, you may be glad you did.