Flowmaster - Favorite Exhaust And Mufflers From A Leading Brand

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Flowmaster is the official muffler of Indy Lights, Ivan Stewart's Pro Truck Series, ARCA, NAMARS Midget Series and an approved muffler for the World of Outlaws Sprint Car and Busch North NASCAR organizations. For enough energy to steal the checkered flag, count on Flowmaster to unleash the full brunt your engine's power potential.

The mark of a true Flowmaster system is the unmistakable rumble. Like a lion roaring over its prey, these exhausts emit a deep, throaty, guttural growl when you push the pedal to the metal. And, they purr menacingly while in idle. Flowmaster's signature tone comes from their ingenious mufflers, which are what founder Ray Flugger pioneered back in the early 80's.

Another hallmark of Flowmaster parts is their ruggedness. Built from long-lasting materials, Flowmaster exhaust systems go the distance. What's more, all Flowmaster exhausts are crafted to exacting standards for a perfect fit on your vehicle.

Though Flowmaster has risen to the heights of success, they do not sit on their laurels. Rather, Flowmaster is constantly developing, dyno-testing, and rolling out new and exciting exhausts. Plus, online stores are your prime source on the world wide web for all your Flowmaster accessories at unbelievably great rates.

I have included some Flowmaster user comments that I was able to find searching the web:

"I ordered the kit at 11am and it was delivered by 10am the next day amazing service and the quality of the kit was excellent fit perfectly had it installed in about 2 hours the hardest part was getting the old system off the best tools needed for the job would be a cutoff grinder and a air hammer with pipe splitter and sounds great thanks again great product"

"I ordered this item on Monday and received this on Wednesday. What a great turnaround plus a bid 10% off at checkout!! Thanks I am not that car savvy but managed to do this without an issue. I took my time to save the old muffler for a rainy day (don't know why) but after I finally got that off it was pretty easy to figure out the install. I put this together within a couple hours and aside from being nervous about it shaking loose from the couplers, the directions and parts fit great. I had one hanger that hits the drivers side springs so I may have to hack off a half inch to keep it from knocking, this is also where people complain about the rubber provided being too weak. I will most likely get this welded or at least tacked together so I don't lose any parts with vibrations. The sound really impressed me upon startup - LOUD. However once everything is warmed up it could be louder - but that's just my preference. It seems most of the good volumes are at 3000+ RPMs on the F150. Overall great place to buy, and item pretty easy to install, product worth the bucks."

"this is a must have if you like sound comming from the back. over all its a pritty easy install with the hardware supplied but if you can get it welded in for a better sound"

"I was very impressed on how easy it was to install on my 94 Chevy k1500. It also sounded great! I wasn't expecting it to be as loud or deep but it impressed me. Very good product!"

Online Shopping for Flowmaster products is quick and easy where you can find great deals on Flowmaster Exhaust and Flowmaster Mufflers are top-end covers that protect your vehicle to the fullest. - David S. Brooks