Valentines Day Date Ideas & What to Do on Valentines Day

by : Syahirah Anwar

Valentine's Day Date Ideas that are Unique

To make this day as memorable as possible for their loved ones. We have put together a variety of Valentine's day date ideas that has been tailored to the different sort of couples. If you and your date feel that the both of you falls under a mixture of the categories below, then feel free to mix and match the activities for the day! Afterall, it is a day to celebrate love and have fun doing it! 

Unique Valentines Day Ideas


1) Unique Valentines Day Ideas #1
Fine Dining at Your Home

This is for the couples who are firm believers in the traditions of the extravagant fine dining dinner and spending quality time together. Here are some suggestions to keep the “magic formula”, yet with a personal touch injected for the night.

Instead of booking the most expensive restaurant that you can afford, try having your own fine dining dinner in the privacy of your own home.

  • Send out a formal invite to your date for the night, with instructions to dress his/her best. Guys, arrange for a car to pick up your date if the dinner is at your place.
  • If you are a good cook, then whip up your significant other's favourite dishes. If you are not so dandy in the kitchen, then we suggest ordering a meal for two to ensure that no one ends up in the hospital at the end of the night.
  • Set up the dining area to create a romantic ambience, with dimmed lights, flowers and music. Choose your favourite music in advance, and do make sure it is something that the both of you like and compile it into a CD. 
  • After dinner, curl up in front of the television together and watch a movie that both of you love be it comedies, horror, sci-fi, a romantic or the most popular. Whatever your selection of movie, the important thing is to ensure that you have the common consensus that it is something the both of you enjoy.

Once the movie is over, you can have an intimate conversation over a glass of wine and the plus side of being at home, you do not have to deal with crowds! So you have him or her, all to yourself.

2) Unique Valentines Day Ideas #2)
The Outdoor Lovers + Picnic

If you and your partner love being surrounded by nature, then it is time to take out your sports gear and go hiking or trekking.

  • Of course, it is best to head out early in the morning to catch the morning sun and appreciate the tranquility of nature.
  • After spending an energized morning hiking/trekking, head back home for a quick wash up and pack a picnic basket for a romantic evening together by the beach.
  • There is no better way to spend the night with a loved one in your arms while the sea breeze gently blows and the sound of the waves crashing to shore provides you with a natural melody.

3) Unique Valentines Day Ideas #3 
The Sports Fanatic  + Spa

Guys, this only applies if your girlfriend is an equally sports fanatic like you are. Word of caution, if she hates watching soccer or basketball, do look for other ways to spend your day instead of making her watch reruns of matches or actually making her play the sport.

  • Start off the day in the morning with a match of tennis or badminton and sweat it out together. Following that, grab a quick bite and go wash up.
  • Now, here comes the romantic part of your day. Book a spa for you and your date so that the both of you can unwind together and soothe the knots in your body with a couple massage. Being in a private sanctuary with your dream guy/girl will definitely help you forget the hustle and bustle of life.
  • After the spa treatment, it is time to fill the stomach with a good meal. Pick a cuisine that both of like. 

4) Unique Valentines Day Ideas #4 
The Nocturnal Couples 

As the heading suggests, “Nocturnal Couples” only head out of the house after dark. If you and your date fit the description.

  • Start your date with dinner. Take your pick of either preparing your own dinner in the comfort of your own home or heading out for dinner in some swanky restaurant.
  • Then, it is time to be seen and hit the clubs and party the night away. Guys, be sure to protect your dates in the clubs to ensure that no other men tries to hit on your girl. Also keep your eyes only on her and give her your fullest attention as the both of you hit the dance floor and make merry.
  • After all that partying to the wee hours of the morning, it is time to catch the dawn of a new day together. Head down to the beach and watch the sunrise together before satisfying your stomachs with breakfast.

We are here, at the end of the list. These are 4 Valentine's Day Date Ideas that are Unique. Whatever you choose, do remember, Valentine Day is only once a year but do keep up the loving and giving all year long!