How to Make a Woman Happy

by : Sophia

Happy Relationship

These simple non-expensive tips will make any women or girl happy and put a smile to her face. A happy relationship goes a long way in strengthening the bond between 2 couples. More often than not, it is the simple things that a woman really appreciates. Sure there are the high maintenance types that you can never seem to please, but most women are easily satisfied by simple acts of kindness.

How to Make a Woman Happy


1) Give Her Flowers
Giving the woman in your life flowers or candy when they least expect it is the secret. You don't want to neglect giving on special days, but think about it, if she is at work and she gets a dozen roses, people are going to ask her what the occasion is. When she tells them that you sent them “just because”, she will be the envy of the office. Doing small things like buying her a card or bringing her home a cappuccino can go a long way to showing her you care.

2) Listen to Her
One of the biggest ways you can show how much you care is simply by listening. Ask her to tell you about her day and actually pay attention and listen and really show interest. This is very important to a woman and if you can take the time to learn this it will help you immensely in your relationship.

3) Cook for Her
If you are a decent cook, another way to really impress your lady is to cook for her. I know it works because my brother and I cooked for a college friend of his and her roommate and six weeks later he and the roommate were married and have been married for several years now. Even if you aren't the best cook in the world, there are enough simple recipes available that you can find something that you will be able to prepare for her that she will thoroughly love.

4) Compliment Her

Happy Women

Give the woman in your life compliments when she isn't expecting it. If she goes out and spends a couple hundred dollars on hair and nails then you darned well better compliment her because she will surely be expecting it then. Just take the time to pay attention and say nice things about how you appreciate her and what she does, it doesn't always have to be about her appearance.

5) Let her watch TV
Let her watch her shows not yours and give her the remote to watch what she really wants will makes her night. 

6) Let her meet her friends
A woman's friends and family are very important to them also. If you take the time to get to know them and actually take interest in them she will be very impressed and she will feel that you really care about her. 

These are 6 simple ways on how to make a woman happy.

Happy Relationship is not difficult to achieve.
It is the little things that women really appreciate like opening the car door or calling her at work just to say you love her. Doing some of these things will hardly cost you anything except a little time but the rewards will be priceless. Good luck