A Sailing Holiday on Antigua as a Family Vacation

by : Gareth Jones

Why not check out Club Colonna as a Family Vacation Spot on Antigua this year

A Family Vacation Idea is something parents think about a lot, and one of the best family vacation spots on Antigua is Sailing Club Colonna. It is a beachfront hotel situated on the north coast of Antigua in Hodges Bay which offers possibly the best family sailing holiday centre in Antigua if not the Caribbean.

What you will find here is the best dinghy sailing and windsurfing in Antigua, and for those not wanting to sail there is blue to turquoise crystal clear water and a private beach lined with palm trees.

Essentially this resort is for families who want to learn to sail, or improve their levels of ability. This is the epitome of affordable sailing, and windsurfing coaching for all the family.

There is a feeling that the priority here is the sailing and not the resort. There are mixed reviews about everything from the food, the rooms, the spa, and this is a little sad. There is no doubt that the upgrading of the resort and facilities which is imminent will make a difference, because it is very unsettling for staff and guests alike to be in a resort that has improvements planned, and widely known about.

After saying this, the main reason for falilies to come here is for a sailing holiday, and there is no doubt that this aspect works well.There are good discounts available, and if guests are aware that things may not be quite right, but the family vacation idea on principle is still OK, and the sailing is great then everything will be in the end what you wanted.

One problem about resorts and trying to make sense of what guests have to say, is the fact that everyone's expectations are different. What a visitor who normally stays in a five star resort would make of Club Colonna is quite understandably different to that of a family with no experience of such places.

For what it is, Club Colonna is a great family vacation idea, the beach may or may not be man made, but it is a perfectly good place to swim and sunbathe. Noisy kids may dominate the pool, but that isn't what everyone says, because the same kids aren't there all the time.

The quality of the food may well vary, but so do guest's tastes, and what may be delicious to one person may be inedible to another.

With everything in life and Club Colonna is no exception you have to see as you find. What you will find is that the Youth Sailing Club for 11 year olds is good fun. The Powerboat course will keep you interested and occupied.

Overall there is a definite feeling that Club Colonna is restricted by its budget. There is ample evidence that the resort is awaiting a revamp, and whilst this article may put you off booking this as a family vacation spot, there is every indication that it will reopen, refurbished, revitalised, almost reincarnated, and will return to the high standards some of the guests could remember in past times.

The Club Colonna is still a great family vacation idea for a sailing holiday, but perhaps not the best family vacation idea at the moment, but watch this space for a dramatic improvement shortly.