Packing For An Outdoor Vacation

by : Ken Morris

Taking a holiday in the great outdoors is a wonderful reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the city. You're able to breathe the fresh air and bond with nature. Preparation is key to enjoying your camping experience since there will usually be no opportunity to buy necessities at your campsite. Packing the right clothing for your trip is essential to enjoying to vacation.

Before setting off on your trip, check the climate of your camping area. Even if it's only a few hours away, a higher elevation can have severely colder weather. Also check the weather report and plan accordingly. Plan for rain even if the weather report doesn't predict it; better safe than sorry.

If you're expecting warm weather then choose clothing that is lightweight and allows your skin to breathe and sweat to evaporate. You should only wear shorts where there is no tall vegetation since you may come into contact with poisonous plants, insects and brush that can cause scratches and cuts.

Packing for cold weather camping is more time consuming but taking the right clothes is more important. Choose clothing that is both thick and breathable. You want to make sure that sweat is absorbed into the fabric and can evaporate. Wool is itchy and cotton doesn't supply enough warmth so look for blends. Many sporting good stores sell clothing that is especially made for cold weather camping.

For extremely cold weather camping, consider bringing thermal underwear; it will make you more comfortable, especially at night. Also make sure that you have a jacket that is rain resistant as well as insulated. It should also be lightweight and allow you to move freely so you're not unduly burdened when trekking and preparing your campsite. There are many modern fabrics that offer a combination of being lightweight, warm, breathable and comfortable such as Primaloft and Thinsulate. They are available at sporting good stores and cost more than ordinary jackets but they'll be worth the extra money.

Regardless of the temperature, choose durable clothing so that it stands up to grazes with the terrain and protects you from scrapes and cuts. Dress in layers so you can easily adjust to climate changes. Stick to lightweight clothing so you're not weighed down; remember that clothing that you're not wearing will need to be carried. This is especially important when you'll be hiking to your campsite.

Preparation is important when you camp and bringing the right clothes can be just as important as bringing the right camping equipment. Protect yourself from the elements and you'll have an enjoyable outdoor vacation.