Kenya Tour Cost: Cost of Kenya Tour, Safari, Vacation & Holidays

by : Robert Muhoho

Kenya Africa safari vacation tour cost

The main components of your safari price tag include the African air ticket cost, the cost of Kenya accommodation and hotels, cost of Kenya road transport and the cost of the air safaris in Africa Kenya. Other related factors that affect your safari is the cost of entry to national parks in Kenya. African safaris are however made unnecessarily expensive due to the expensive air tickets for travel to Africa. Although this is unavoidable one can book the RTW tickets and endure the inconvenience of having to take an indirect route to the destination. The important thing in air travel is to be able to avoid the routes that have a lot of traffic at any one time.

Cost of Air fare to Kenya Africa

Most flights that fly to Africa Kenya are at one time swamped with tourist groups visiting Kenya. This Kenya tourist high season is mainly from August through to December. The safari season in Kenya Africa involves a big rush for flight seats with the cost increasing the closer you get to the high season. Cost of flight tickets to Kenya also vary from airline to airline, with African airlines offering the most competitive rates. The average cost of an African vacation ticket from the USA is $ 1300-1700 return. The cost of a flight ticket to Africa Kenya from Europe averages $700-1000. There are however cheaper African flights options offered by chartered flights. These tend to sell all inclusive African tour packages where the air ticket, accommodation and local transport is all included in the Kenya safari package cost. You can however book only the flights in a chartered flight and seek your own accommodation on arrival.

Kenya lodges and hotels cost varies widely depending on their standards and star rating. Five star city hotels obviously charge a higher hotel rate in Kenya than the four star hotels. This also applies to lodges in the wilderness areas of Africa Kenya. Most prices of lodges in Kenya national parks depend on the size of the lodge and the personal touch and attention given to the clients. Exclusive Kenya eco-lodges tend to charge the highest rates while the larger lodge complexes in parks charge less than half the cost of the exclusive camps.

It is therefore important to have in mind the type of lodge that you want to stay in. most tourists however prefer the complexes as the visitors to Kenya are able to spread their budget and have a longer vacation in Kenya. It is worthwhile to stay for more than a week in Kenya to justify the high Africa Kenya air ticket prices paid. Most wildlife lodges in Kenya charge an average of $ 150-300 per room depending on the season and the standards of the lodge. Kenya luxury lodges cost anywhere from $ 350-1000 per person per night.

Another alternative to the lodges in national parks are the Kenya all inclusive home stays. Home stays in Kenya town areas are not expensive and are therefore a good alternative for people visiting Kenya for a longer time for work, mission and charity work. Home stays include staying with a family unit where food, laundry, bed and all other services are included. Homestays could charge from $ 20-40 per day all inclusive.

Cost of Park Entry in Kenya

Kenya parks are located in areas that are remote and at least four hours form Nairobi. This means that in addition to the local transport cost you will have a park entry fee to pay at the gate to national parks. Most Kenya national park charges are standardized although some parks are cheaper than others. The most popular Kenya parks charge a higher rate than the less frequently visited. The average cost of entry to a Kenya national park is $40 for an adult and $20 for a child of less than 12 years. Infants are not charged entry into Kenya parks.

There are some parks in Kenya that charge $ 10 and these are the less visited and in more remote areas. Marine Park in Kenya also charges an average of $10.

Enjoy your safari in Kenya!