How To Improve Your Coastal Vacations Action Plan

by : Dawn Orbeck

Being successful with your Coastal Vacations program means you need to do a little more than just focus on selling vacations packages. To be fulfilled not only with your work at home career, you need to focus on other areas of your life that are important, too, like the following...

1. Count your blessings. This may sound old fashioned, but to get ahead, you need to take a firm look around you and see what you have been blessed with: be it a nice spouse, loving children, a nice home and car(s), a faithful pet, the opportunity to go online in the privacy of your home and earn extra income.

2. Establish well-rounded goals. Take into account your spiritual life, your family life, your own personal desires. In fact, main categories to focus on in your goal-setting are:

• Artistic - what would the creative side of you like to do?
• Attitude- Do you need to make changes in your attitude and adopt a win-win approach to your work, your family, your life?
• Career & Financial - Are you happy where you are right now? Would you like to work from home, earn full time income yet only work part time?
• Education- Do you seek to continue your education, even if informally so that you can learn to run a successful business of your own?
• Family- Do you want to spend more quality time with your loved ones?
• Health - Are you eating right and adding regular exercise into your day?
• Pleasure- Are you taking a time out to travel yourself? Adding some other fun into your plans?
• Service- Do you plan to give back, help others get ahead, too?

These are all questions to ask yourself and mold goals around so that you cover broad areas of your life. The goal is to strive for balance in all areas, not just become a workaholic.

3. Cultivate friendships.
One of the best ways to improve any action plan is to network, interacting with friends that understand you and where you want to go in life. Sharing the good times and the bad, the ups and downs of the business world, the ins and outs of working at home, juggling business with family and more... can make your life richer - for you and your friends.

So network in your industry and with others who work at home. Count your blessings, round out your goals and enjoy friendships and other opportunities that come your way as you improve your Coastal Vacations action plan!