5 More Disney World Freebies - And Where To Find Them!

by : Anne Marie Hayes

Epcot is one of the best parks at Disney World. It's got it all - thrilling rides like "Soarin'" & "Space Ship Earth", fabulous attractions like "Ellen's Great Energy Adventure," unbelievable shows like "Turtle Talk with Crush" and even an opportunity to circle the globe in the World Showcase. But the big secret is - it's also chock full of great Disney freebies!

Here's a list of 5 activities, crafts, and snacks you can get for free - with directions on where to find them.

1. A Lanyard Full of Charms that Kids can Decorate Themselves.

Sharpie sponsors the 6 Kidcot stations in Future World. You can pick up a lanyard (necklace) at any of them. Visit them all to collect the different charms with fun themes like Kim Possible. Color them to make them unique.

Locations: All stations are located in Future World:

1. Innoventions East - near the entrance
2. Innoventions West - near the entrance
3. The Seas with Nemo and Friends - lower level
4. The Land - on the top level near "The Circle of Life"
5. Test Track - in the gift shop after you exit the ride
6. Imagination! - after the ride

2. Personalized Plastic Robot

This is very cool! First you build your own virtual robot and race it against other guests' robots using the properties of plastic to give you an edge.

Then you choose the parts and colors you like and create your own real plastic robot to take home with you. This robot stands about 7 inches tall - with moveable limbs!

Location: In Future World's "Innoventions East" at "Fantastic Plastic Works"

3. Chef's Hat & Toll House Cookie

Nestle sponsors the Junior Chef Program where kids learn to follow a recipe and bake real Nestle Toll House chocolate chip cookies. When they're fully baked, they get to sample the cookies they made. And - if that's not enough - they also get to keep their chef's hat!

Note: This program is available for children aged 3-10.

They must sign-up for this in advance and book a time. The groups are very small so get there early.

Location: In Future World's "The Land" on the lower level near "Living with the Land."

4. Need a Drink to Go with that Free Cookie? How about free soda?

This chill zone called "Club Cool" is sponsored by Coca Cola and features samples of beverages they sell around the world. It's self-served and you can drink as much as you like. Some are yummy and refreshing. Others are ... well - find out for yourself!

Location: In Future World past the Epcot Character Spot.

5. A Mask with Charms to Attach and Decorate

Pick up a mask at any country in the World Showcase, and then add a different charm at each additional country you visit. Spend some time and personalize the mask and charms with the Sharpie markers that are provided.

At the China pavilion, you can learn your birth sign (according to the Chinese calendar) and how to write your name in Chinese.

Tip: If you collect all 11 charms, you get a special bonus!

Location: In the World Showcase.