Choosing A Hotel - Factors To Consider

by : Stuart Anders

When choosing a hotel for you break, it's important to consider many factors before booking. It is the single most important choice you will make when booking your holiday - a poor choice will potentially ruin your holiday and a good choice will make it one to remember. So what factors should you think about when choosing your hotel?

Firstly, select the location. If you are hoping for a quiet peaceful break then make sure you choose a secluded hotel away from the hectic cities and importantly, away from evening traffic. If you sleep lightly, then even the smallest amount of nearby traffic can interrupt a good nights sleep. Ensure that your hotel is within striking distance of any activities or events you plan to attend. There can be nothing worse than planning your break around an event, only to find that your hotel is too far away from it! Ensure that your hotel is near the airport, station or a local bus route if you plan to travel by public transport during your stay.

Check the prices of the hotel. Obviously the price of the room is the most important factor here, but how about the rest of the costs - what are the additional extras? Chargeable extras to look out for include meals, use of facilities, late check out, car parking and in-room entertainment. Importantly, always check the criteria for the meals included. It can be heart breaking to find that the evening meals you enjoyed whilst you stayed weren't included when you check out. As standard, bed and breakfast are included in the cost of the room, but even this isn't always the case.

Make sure the hotel has the facilities you are expecting. Many hotels will provide an endless list of the facilities it has available, but upon arrival you find that many of them are off site. Hotels partnering with leisure centres and spa's is increasingly common, so always check which facilities are available on-site and which a in the surrounding areas. Check if there is an additional cost to using any of the facilities. Ask what size the swimming pool is; don't just rely on pictures as these can be greatly distorted.

Finally, ask how long the hotel has been in full operation and how long the manager and senior staff has been working there. This will have two effects. Firstly, it will give you confidence in the hotel to know they have been operational for a long period of time. Secondly, it is rare for a guest to ask questions like that so senior staff will be made aware and they will ensure you are catered for during your stay.