Asian People, Their Traditions and Cultures

by : Sivakorn Siricharoensataporn

Asian refers to all the people who are residing in Asia.

There are many countries that form a part of the continent of Asia like the Islamic nations and the Southeastern countries of Nepal, India and Bangladesh. Asia has the largest land mass in the whole world and is a home to a majority of human population that is residing in the world. Most of the densely populated countries of the world are situated in Asia. There are a large number of countries that constitute this continent and as a result it is home to a wide variety of cultures and traditions. People of Asia are very strongly attached to their homelands and find it very painful to separate from their native countries.

Asian people are progenies of an umpteen number of ethnic races. It contains countries like India, Pakistan, Myanmar, China, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and the developed countries of Japan and Russia. This continent is abounding with a variety of climates, lands and amazing landscapes. From Himalayas to the arid lands of Mongolia and Afghanistan, the continent of Asia is bestowed with amazing landscapes. Asia has a huge area of land and the western part of Asia comprises Muslim countries like UAE, Qatar, Iraq, Iran and Dubai and contains features of Arab and Iranian cultures. Asia has people following all the religions from Hinduism, Islam and Christianity. The continent of Asia is blessed with fertile lands in China and India and excels in agricultural production of food grains and rice.

Asian people are known all over the world for their strong cultural values and intelligent minds. This continent has given birth to many famous scientists, celebrities and politicians. Although this continent does not boast of many developed countries, many developing countries within this continent are on the threshold of becoming developed. Asia as a continent was initially under the colonial rule for a very long time except for the countries of Japan or Russia. Many nations like India, China, Pakistan and Afghanistan have suffered the brunt of oppressive colonial rule by Europeans and Americans for a very long period of time.

Times have changed now and the countries of this continent are embarking on the era of economic development like never before. Southeastern countries like India, Sri Lanka and China are experiencing amazingly high rates of per capita GDP growth. These countries have also made an effort to preserve communal harmony and unity by following a policy of inter-regional cooperation and forming associations for the above purpose like SAARC.They have also forged important trade alliances with each other to mutual boost economic growth.

Asia is well known for celebrations and festivals. It is a land where festivals of different cultures and religions are being celebrated. Among the major Hindu festivals are Diwali, Holi, Baisakhi, and Eid ul-Fitr, Dusshera, Onam and Christmas and are celebrated with great fervor all over India.