Cruise Holidays With Children Or Without Children

by : Johnathan Bakers

So, you have been working hard. You're tired and need a vacation. Does this sound like you? After a long period of dealing with the pressures of work, a relaxing cruise could be just the thing you need. Picture yourself relaxing on deck as the ship cruises through the ocean, occasionally stopping on shore giving you the opportunity to take in the beauty and culture of interesting places. What better way to enjoy good food and enjoy the leisure activities you never have time for at home.

Don't let us discourage you from taking such great ocean trips, but we will introduce a little reality to this ideal vacation image. This enchanting cruise vacation can easily be disturbed by kids on board splashing in the pool while you are trying to relax and get some sun. Or, there are always the older kids running around the deck chasing each other providing you the opportunity to test your reaction times and cling to the railing to avoid going overboard. It is during these times that the relaxing vacation you had dreamt of will feel very far away and unimaginable.

Now, this may sound somewhat insensitive, but there is some truth to the fact that holidays with children and relaxing vacations do not blend well. If you have kids yourself, you do not need me to tell you. Even if you don't, though, you know from experience that they can be tiring at times. If a luxurious, peaceful cruise is what you had in mind, a group of pre-teens swarming around you will definitely not add to your expectations.

Do not cross a cruise off your list of vacation options, though. Try looking at alternatives so that you can find a cruise that meets your vacation needs.

For instance, choose a cruise line that does not offer children-specific activities. Families will likely opt for those cruise lines that offer family activities so that their kids are busy giving them more time to enjoy the vacation. Families often choose cruise lines that offer special family packages or offers. Cruise lines offer these packages to win over the younger people for their future cruising needs and also to meet their ticket quota. Many parents often bring their kids along when they know that their kids will be taken care on the cruise ship, even if they were not originally going to bring them.

Also, do not travel during the school holiday times. Parent are less willing to take their kids out of school for a cruise which means the better time to go on a cruise is when school is in session. If you prefer not to have kids running around the deck, it would be advisable to not go during the summer, spring break season or the Christmas holiday.

Finally, you may also want to avoid choosing specific cruise lines such as Disney, Princess and Carnival Cruises. These cruise lines tend to attract younger people with special kids and teenage programs all year around. The best choices would be the Celebrity, Radisson or Crystal cruise lines.