Getting the Best Deal on Car Rental Rates

by : Johnbakers

Are you looking for a good deal on a rental car? There are many agencies out there and it pays to shop around. Not only do rates vary from company to company but there are added discounts that you?ll need to know about to take advantage of. Here are some tips to finding the best deal for a car rental.

Searching Online

The internet is a great tool for finding the rental car that best fits your needs. There are online travel websites such as Expedia and Travelocity that will display available cars and rates for the dates you wish to rent. You will be able to easily compare price and options to find the rental that fits your budget and requirements. Keep in mind that some quotes don?t include taxes and fees so calculate that into your budget. It also pays to check individual rental websites since most companies reserve their specials for customers who go through their site.


There are many discounts available and they're rarely advertised so it?s worth doing some research and asking around. This includes student and senior discounts as well as discounts in conjunction with an airline or hotel. One of the most popular discount is a AAA car rental discount which will usually entitle you to a special rate or a percentage off a regular rate. To qualify you simply have to be a member of AAA and show your card when you pick up your rental. If you?re not a member then it can pay to join so you can get the discount as well as the other perks of an auto club.

When reserving your rental online there is usually a place to enter a discount code or a menu of available discounts. If you?ll be reserving over the phone advise the reservation agent. You are usually only able to apply one discount so research which one gives you the best deal. Some specials aren?t applicable for discount but they?ll usually be the cheapest option.


If you?ll be renting a car on your vacation then it?s pennywise to see if it?s a better deal to get a vacation package that includes a rental. Such a package will include hotel, airfare and car rental. It will usually give you a better deal than paying for each one separately whether you're traveling to Sydney Australia or Malaga, Spain..

Renting on a Budget

If you?re renting on a budget then there are some other ways to get a cheaper rental. Think about the size and model of car you?ll really need. Many times you?ll be able to rent a compact or economy size vehicle especially if you?re not traveling with others or don?t have excessive amounts of luggage. It can be tempting to rent a larger car since the daily rate can be only a few dollars but keep in mind that you?ll be paying more in gas.