AAA Car Rental Can Be A Great Deal

by : Ericslarkowski

From time to time, you may find you need a rental car. Your car might be in the shop. You may be traveling. Or you just might want to try a different model for a few days to test it out or to impress someone. There are so many different car rental companies around. Which one should you use?

While most car rental companies are very good, there are many reasons you should considering the American Automobile Association, known to most of us as AAA. It's a great organization that can help you save money in lots of ways.

For one thing, AAA is a large organization, known nationwide. Because it is so large, it gets discounts when it purchases its rental vehicles. If it costs less for AAA to obtain its vehicles, it doesn't have to charge as much to rent them out.

In addition, because AAA also offers insurance, you can save money with rental car insurance. Also, the company is well known for its roadside assistance program. If the unfortunate happens and the car breaks down, someone will be out soon to help you get it towed. If your car breaks down, it is a simple matter to get a replacement too.

Renting a car from AAA, from Atlanta, Georgia to Alicante, Spain, can also be cheaper because of how the organization is run. AAA is an automobile club: members pay annual dues, which goes to fund many of its programs, thereby reducing outright costs.

Even if you don't rent a car directly from AAA but use another company, you can save money on that rental if you are a AAA member.

How this works is that companies that offer AAA discounts get a reimbursement of sorts from the company. It is sort of like the association is paying part of your costs. So you get the best deal.

Of course, to get any of these deals, you have to be a AAA member. You will have to pay a fee, but you get so much for your money: Not only do you get deals on car rentals, but the association also provides travel planning assistance and discounts, insurance policies and discounts on even non-automotive related products and services. They can even help you with travel plans overseas.

You'll be amazed by the savings. Many competing auto insurance companies will tell you they can't match AAA rates on auto insurance. That's because so many people belong to the association that basically they can pool their resources into one huge group policy, which costs far less than an individual policy.

Becoming a AAA member is easy. Look online or in your phone book for the location of the branch office nearest to you. Contact them and find out what it takes to enroll.

It's well worth looking into AAA for your next rental car. As the association's slogan says, "You can't do better than all As".