Wet Kit - What is It?

by : James Handrousen

Wet Kits (or wetline kits) are kits put into trucks or semi-trucks that have PTO (Power Take Off). Many different accessories are installed on trucks, like booms or cranes, and the kits’ hydraulic pump is activated by the truck's Power Take Off. The accessories need the hydraulic pump to operate.

There are different units in each wet kit. They consist of items such as the hydraulic hose and fittings, reservoirs or tanks, filters, control valves, pumps, and PTOs. Hydraulic fluid is sent through hoses and into cylinders once the PTO initiates the activity of the hydraulic pump. Once the hydraulic fluid gets into the cylinders, the PTO can raise the load or execute any of the other operations that you may desire. The discharged fluid is then returned to the reservoir and, continuing the closed cycle indefinitely, fluid is again sucked by the hydraulic pump.

You can buy wet kits from many different manufacturers. It is also possible for you to buy spare parts. Other types of wet kits/wetline kits available are:

1. Some wetline kits, also known as wet kits, are used for operating dumper trailers. These kinds are capable of producing pressure up to 3000psi. They are equipped with both a single acting cylinder and a control valve. Kits made to your specifications are also available.

2. Wetline kits for utility trailers are another option. These wetline kits use very little fluid and operate at very high pressures.

In addition to these, the market offers wetline kits for a variety of applications. These kits are available in a number of capacities.

The ability of these kits to sustain various applications rests on how much pressure is exerted by the hydraulic pump and the hydraulic fluid's flow capabilities. The increase in the reservoir's size matches the increase of the hydraulics’ fluids flow.

Wetline kits are available in various sizes for different applications. Make sure you consult with the manufacturer directly if you want to outline your requirements. The manufacturer can then suggest to you the best wetline kit to suit your personalized requirements.

There are various possible arrangements of the hydraulic pump (dump pump) and valve system that control the flow of the fluid. Examples of these arrangements include:

1. The dump pump and the control valve are integrated with each other. This is known as the two-line dump pump system. The two-line dump pump system is also very useful for the dump trailer that uses it intermittently.

2. Three line dump systems have a hydraulic pump and a control valve that are incorporated and depend on one another. For dump trailers that have to run continuously, this system can be used.

3. The separate pump and control valve system obviously does not integrate the hydraulic pump and control valve. As its name states, they are separate.

There are many other possible wetline kits that can be tailored to your specific needs, which is why you should speak with the manufacturer before you buy. The manufacturer will be able to determine the exact systems you require for your purpose.