Truck Mud Flaps and Truck Steps Equal Protection and Comfort

by : Tim Saunier

Two years ago I purchased a Chevy Silverado and now I can say it was a great decision. I am German and came to the USA because of a very good job at a finance consulting company in San Diego. When I look back to my first days here in San Diego, I have to admit that I spent the most time watching huge trucks and SUVs. In Germany we don't have autos like this so I was very impressed by the giants of the street. Honestly, the real practicality of these cars is arguable but they are embodying power, strength and masculinity so I had to follow this trend. After I bought my truck, I spent a lot of time just driving through this great country and I enjoyed this time. I experienced so many new impressions, so many differences from Germany and so many possibilities that I fell in love with this country instantly. But during my little road trip, I recognized that all the trucks around me had so many more accessories at their trucks than me. From bed caps, to tonneau covers and suspension systems, I saw everything in all kinds of variety.

So I started doing research concerning the prices of all this stuff and got to know that it is not cheap to pimp your truck in all different ways. So I tried to figure out which accessories are very useful in order to protect my truck and improve my comfort. Regarding the protection of my car, I figured out that truck mud flaps are valuable and so I ended up buying them instantly. And my feeling was right. Right after buying them I experienced the benefits and they were amazing. The condition of my wheels improved so quickly because the Mud Guards stand up to anything my tires could throw, including rocks and debris. And the prices aren't that bad too. But the comfort solution hasn't been solved yet so I kept searching for a good accessory that would easy my getting into the truck. And after a little research I found a vast selection of truck steps on the internet, which impressed me. I did not know that there are so many ways to get into the car, but after discovering them I knew they would be a big help.

Finally I found some ways to pimp my car, even though I would say that both are less pimping and more protection of my car. I am not very down with trucks that are completely overloaded by all accessories in the truck magazines, so I think I will spend just bit money buying a truck bed cover, for instance. I drew the conclusion that if the practicality of all these huge trucks is arguable, at least the accessories should have a real benefit for the driver and its car.