New Trucks for 2007

by : Craig Rad

Whatever your needs, you must find professional impressions and opinions about the new truck model 2007. Try to find information about the options and features, test drivers and exterior and exterior analysis. Famous brands, such as Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Honda, Isuzu, Nisan and Toyota are present on the Internet and you must only select the truck you want; search the qualified dealers and ask for more information if necessary.

The Chevrolet Avalanche has been redesigned for 2007; the new version is awesome; it is one of a kind because combine the capacity of a pickup with the luxury of the five passenger car. The Midgate is a removable rear bulkhead situated between the pickup bed and the passenger component. It is removable, allowing the truck to be configured as a sport vehicle with a short bed or a pick up with an eight foot bed. You need to fold down the rear seats and open the Midgate to obtain the pickup able of securing gear from unexpected visitors or shielding drywall from rain or snow. You can also remove the rear glass and the tonneau panels to obtain a sporty, open-air vehicle. The truck has a clean and stylish look. The new Chevy Silverado is another dream truck of our days, featuring a new design to confirm its reputation as the longest lasting truck on the world. Its suspensions are designed to meet every requirement.

The new Ford 2007, the Explorer, has a longer pickup bed, more room inside and generates 292 horsepower with a new, strong six speed automatic transmission; there is also a five speed automatic version. Both vehicles are available with four or two wheel drive. The Ford F-150 is easy to drive, well designed and the cabs are really comfortable. 2007 Ford f-150 offers a quiet, smooth drive over rough pavement, a controlled handling, with a minimum of vehicle roll on corners. This truck comes in six versions, with four cab choices, four bed lengths, with an amazing cargo capacity. Ford prepares also a new truck, the 2008 Ford F-250, still in tests.

2007 Toyota Tundra is a truck that raises the competitive bar; almost everything is new in Toyota Tundra. The new 381 horsepower V8 truck comes in three styles: a double cab with secondary rear side doors, a four door version and a two door regular cab. The truck is available in three wheelbases and three bed lengths; a five or six speed automatics and a standard rear wheel automatics. If you need a four wheel drive, you can have it too. 2007 Toyota Tundra has also a DVD based navigation system with camera, GPS linked. The stability is improved using fully suspension new design, to make your ride smoother; a better stability is due to a standard electronic stability control.

The full size pickups are changing dramatically; Nissan is offering the awesome Titan, Toyota has a large scale of models, and power trains. Ford, Chevrolet and Dodge are presenting new attractive models; it is really difficult to find the truck of your dreams!