Avoid Accidents Involving Heavy Duty Dump Trucks

by : Bruno Raschio

Even with a limited number of things to move, your car can be too small and it will take many trips to get all things to another place. Launching American Truck Buyer has been somewhat of an adventure, and although we have not covered even one percent of our grounds yet, things are moving rapidly. We have established ourselves on the Internet and are quickly becoming known in the business. Working advertising for trucks and trailers in the entire 50 states as our main source of revenue our company is doing well. Our entire sales team is excited and everyone is fighting for the top position as salesmen of the month. As we get out there more and more the name American Truck Buyer will grow synonymously with the word trucking.

There are a few common problems that many Truckers come across with the motorists.

1. Peek-a-boo! - Now you see them, now you don't. This peek-a-boo game is very troublesome to truckers. Large trucks have several blind spots which make it hard for the drivers to see other motorists who like to hang out there. The best thing that you can do is either pass the truck or stay a comfortable distance behind them. When in doubt, check for the trucker's side view mirrors. If you can see them, then chances are that they might be able to see you too.

2. Brake this habit - Many of us at one point or another gets stuck behind a large truck. So the most logical step would be to change the lanes to pass the truck away. No problems with that ... the problem lies in a vehicle cutting back into the truck's lane right in front of them, then braking for a turn or just slowing down, period. What most motorists don't take into account is that truckers need a lot of space in order to slow down, at least two to three times the amount of passenger vehicles.

3. Teaching a lesson - Some drivers of passenger vehicles like to try and "teach" truckers a good lesson. Several times drivers think that the big Trucks and Trailers are either going too rapidly or slow. So they'll speed up to pass the trucker and then get back in the trucker's lane and slow down. Many parents tell their kids, "Worry about yourself," and it would be smart for other motorists to heed that advice. Leave it to the troopers and policemen to enforce the laws of the road.

4. Back up and try again - In this day and age of technology, people are more accustomed to instant results and hate waiting for anything. Unfortunately, when big trucks have to back into a space, it may take a few tries to succeed. Motorists should appreciate the fact that these trucks are bigger than they are and let the truckers do their job. Patience can be a virtue!

By exercising a little of that common sense, many accidents involving Heavy Duty Trucks and Passenger vehicles could be avoided. That old adage, "It is better to be Safe than Sorry," certainly applies here!
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