Taking Responsibility For Your Success

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I have been hearing and reading a lot about becoming a leader and MLM is not about the products or the company, but about you. People will join a program because of you.

I agree. However, not everyone is equiped to be a leader, at this present time. It doesn't mean they can't be, as we can do anything we decide to do. It just means there has to be certain changes before we can reach leader status.

one of the things I have learned is that whether we acknowledge it or not--we are all responsible for our own lives, our successes, and our failures. Once we realize this truth, we can stop playing the blame game and take control of our life.

It really is quite simple, but not always easy. I do know that this is my life and I have the right, as we all do, to choose what I desire to accomplish. All we have to do is accept full responsibility for our own choices and actions. If we accepted responsiblity for our not succeeding, instead of blaming someone or something else, that gives us tremendous power. All we have to do is make whatever changes necessary to become a winner. As long as we are blaming someone or something else, we are victims. As victims, we are stuck not being able to change anything.

However, once we accept full responsibility, the power is in our hands to make whatever changes are necessary to achieve our desires. Whenever there is a problem, there is always an answer. There really is no such thing as failure. For everything we try that doesn't work, we are brought that much closer to something that will. Do you know how many times Thomas Edison found ways that didn't work before he found the way that did? Leaders don't quit--they find solutions. Does this make sense?

Maybe an example will help. Let's say I purchased Magnetic Sponsoring and I am not getting the results I am expecting. So if I blame the system for my failure, I have become a victim. Oh, poor me. I have spent money on something that is not working and I am upset. This is your typical victim attitude. I have spent my money and I expect everything to work for me and if it doesn't, I have been ripped off.

On the other hand, if I accept and recognize my own power,I know the responsibility to get results falls in my hands. I recognize that I have gotten tremendous value for my money and I will do whatever it takes to learn how to promote this system. I have purchased a system that works, so if I don't have the knowledge it takes to make it work for me, I will find a way to get that knowledge. Whatever it takes. That is the difference between someone who is a victim and someone who takes full responsibility for themselves.

I are discussing business here, but this applies to every area of our lives. If we are having problems in a relationship, we need to look at ourselves not our partner. If we are having problems with a neighbor, we need to look at our part in the problem. The great news is, when we come from this space, we have the power to change whatever we want. The ball is in our court. Simple, but not always easy. (Unless you have had a lot of practice and enjoy learning and growing. ) I personally find it exciting to have new opportunities to learn and grow. Gained knowledge is "potential power". I say potential power, because until we put our knowledge into action nothing is accomplished.

If we are making our problems someone elses fault, we have become a victim and we are doomed to fail. Victims don't win and victims are not leaders. We are so much more powerful then we realize. we can have whatever we want in our lives. So if we want to be a leader, we have to take responsibility for ourselves and be willing to invest in ourselves. The world is like a blank canvas and we can paint anything we want on it. So start creating what it is you desire and have fun doing it.

Before I became a hair stylist, I had to spend my time, energy and money in educating myself. Our online businesses are no different. I can guarantee you that everyone who is a success today has believed in themselves, taken responsibility for themselves and invested in themselves. If anyone wants to be a leader it is necessary to think and act with persistance, integrity and responsibility. Being the best you can be in any given moment is rewarding and fun. Leaders love challenges and they enjoy life.