Career Trend Tip: Watch Your Back!

by : pmegan

Automation is making more and bigger inroads into our career planning.

Not too long ago we reported on the current employer fad of automated interviewing. We pointed out that your next job search phone call may be from an automated system asking you screening questions. The system will try to determine if you are the right kind of candidate for the job. Refer to our website for how to handle this situation.

Looking to the future, it was recently reported that workplace privacy issues will escalate. Some company policies can threaten personal privacy.

For instance, were you aware that some companies have started to use surveillance software? This sophisticated software covertly monitors and record each keystroke an employee makes. This includes individual letters, symbols, and punctuation. The data can be saved in a file or transmitted over a corporate computer network.

Ok. Let's say in a moment of frustration you put together a stinging letter to your boss whom you feel has wronged you. Then, after reading it over a couple times you rethink your decision. Maybe this isn't such a smart idea after all. So you delete the whole letter.

Too late.

Every word, every letter, every keystroke has been recorded on your hard drive. Or it's been sent as an email to a computer system administrator who can retrieve it at their convenience.

What does this all mean to your career planning or job search?

If you're on the job, beware. Find out what your current organizations policy is on this matter so you can make sure your privacy is protected. In other words, understand the corporate rules and play by them.

If, on the other hand, you are offended by this kind of policy and you see it as an invasion of your privacy you will want to discover the company's policy before you accept a position with them. It is not at all inappropriate to ask in advance. This is what intelligent, assertive job search is all about.

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As we've said many times before, planning your job search or career change in advance prepares you for addressing the kind of issues that can make a huge difference in your future job satisfaction and career growth.