Las VegasBest Place to Hang with Family

by : Ricky Hussey

Going to Las Vegas: -This city is famous for its number of casinos and dazzling nightlife and also there are number of activities that a person can enjoy with his family members. It is interesting to know that the casinos are recognized as the best place for families to spend their vacations. The main reason behind this is that the casinos are offering a lot of family activities along with the attractions of gambling.Major attractions of the Las Vegas: -????? i. One of the major attractions of the Las Vegas is the High Roller where people can have a lot of fun and adventure in their break time. At the Stratosphere Hotel, The High Roller is known for its 909 foot high roller coaster. Because of this amazing height, this is the highest roller coaster in the whole world. That is why it is the major attraction of the Las Vegas.The High Roller comprises of more than 800 tracks and that too with the sharp banking turns that can raise the hair of any person because it turns at an amazing speed of 32 miles per hour. The cost for taking this exhilarating ride is 5$ and is open for public daily. As the ride on such roller coaster the ride is so steep and high, some of the restrictions are enforced on the height.?????? ii.? Another activity where tourists can spend their good time with their kids is the zoo. The Nevada Zoological and Botanical Park is known as the biggest zoo in the world and hence attracting many people worldwide. Kids can have a great time at this place. In this zoo, there are exotic species of birds and animals which include emus, ostriches, wallabies and flamingoes. But the most famous and attractive fir the kids are the chimpanzees. The tricks and activities made by chimpanzees are even praised by the older kids.?????? iii.? Another place to explore is the deserts of the Las Vegas. A half day or a full day eco-tour at the deserts can be a great fun learning experience. Children came to know about the different aspects and features of the desert.Despite of having so many tourist attractionsFree Articles, Las Vegas is famous for its beauty and the life of the people. That is why this place is alluring many tourists to spend their time in their holidays.