Disney Cruise - Vacation of a Lifetime?

by : Sam Ness

The summer is here – so now is the perfect time to start thinking about Disney cruises. Think about is for a second: how often can you go on holiday? Well, for most of the people out there, the answer would be: maybe once a year. So then, you should make the best of it. You should opt for something really special and the Disney cruises might be just what you are looking and hoping for. How so? Let’s see what they can offer!

Even if you are not actually familiar with what these vacations mean, you should know that they have been a very popular choice since their appearance on the market, back in 1998. A Walt Disney cruise basically is conducted with the help of a ship that is thematically designed and presented as the famous world full of loveable animated cartoon characters. As you might have guessed by now, such a vacation is ideal for the little ones, but not only. The fact is that the two ships that are at the traveler’s disposal, namely Disney Magic and Disney Wonder offer a wide range of entertainment possibilities for all ages and tastes.

So let’s take a look at all the services that these cruises offer. Besides the spacious family rooms, decorated in a unique style, the passengers benefit from 24/7 room service. There are numerous restaurants and buffets on a Disney cruise ship, plus numerous dining possibilities on shore. The children are invited to play in areas especially destined to them, decorated following certain themes from stories or cartoons. In addition, the guests of the Disney cruises can opt for extra packages that include various trips on shore, plus local entertainment possibilities on the land. And the most important aspect is that the passengers can establish their route plus all the extra trips they desire, all with the help of a few clicks. Basically, you can book the Disney cruises online. And you can even decide on a complete schedule before leaving your home.

If you are curious about the routes of these two Disney cruises ships, then you should know that the most important stop is represented by the island called Castaway Cay, which is especially destined to entertain and to provide relaxation for all the passengers. This place is found in the Bahamas and the routes of the Disney cruise ship also include various islands from the Caribbean. But if you are looking forward to traveling to other exciting places, you should know that during the summer of 2007, the route is directed towards the Mediterranean Sea. So, if you are interested in visiting Barcelona in Spain and then heading towards Sicily, Sardinia and other exciting places in Italy, France or Canare Islands, then you should start booking your Disney world cruise from now, since it is highly popular.

Disneyland might be the kids’ favorite place to be, but one of these boats sure can equal the experience! Both Disney Magic and Disney Wonder ships provide all the ingredients for an ideal vacation and quality family moments. So, if all these sound appealing to you, you should act ahead and book the Disney cruises you desire. You are headed towards a great deal of fun, unforgettable moments, exotic places and luxuriant landscapes, plus magic and fantasy.