Home Staging for Vacation Rentals Increases Bookings

by : Christine Van Buskirk

In the next 10 years vacation home rentals, purchases, and travel will be one of the biggest spending trends the economy has ever experienced in the industry. While the primary home buying market dwindles, new spending trends will be set, as baby boomers retire and buy vacation homes, rent vacation homes, and increase their travel.

New advertising trends in the vacation rental market will also occur as the market changes. Where will they buy, where will they want to travel, and where will they be spending their vacation time? This article is about where vacationers will be spending their time while on vacation and what advertising trends will take place in the vacation rental market. Yes, many will be touring the city, relaxing at the beach, or hiking up a glorious mountain. But for the rest of their time, where will that time be spent? What type of vacation setting will they choose and how are you, the owner, going to stand out from the rest when advertising your vacation property? How will you advertise your vacation rental? How will you increase your reservations?

As the vacation industry increases, so will your competition. You will need to sell a vacation dream and a lifestyle these vacationers will desire. This is where I would like to talk about the importance of home staging for vacation rentals. Techniquely speaking, home staging has been emphasized as an important tool in selling a home in the past, but as the market changes, we need to think about it more as a technique in selling, whether it be selling a home or selling time spent in that home by others.

One way to advertise your vacation rental is to focus on what others will want. What are the benefits from renting a home, condo, lodge? What lifestyle are others looking for when renting your vacation home? What are the key activities in that area where they will be spending the rest of the time? What would you look for if you wanted to rent a particular vacation home? If you can answer these questions, you're ready to set the stage. I can’t stress it enough that time and money is well spent staging when your trying to sell a lifestyle vacationers will want to pay for.

Here are a few helpful tips to staging and advertising a vacation rental:

2. Clean. Clean. Clean. Clean everything. Even your front door! Make sure your vacation home shows curb appeal and pride of ownership. Trim back trees, bushes, get rid of weeds, make sure the front door is easily accessible. Clean away clutter from kitchen counters and shelves, personal photos, and don't forget to fluff your pillows.

3. Create a mood in each space or room. If it’s a bathroom and you want to portray relaxation, paint the bathroom a warm tone or a spa green. Have a nice towel rack with plenty of fresh towels. Hang a cotton white robe on a hook. Set candles throughout. And make sure it shines!

5. Take photos of your dream getaway. Make sure they are of good quality and each room is very well lit.

6. Have a plan. Research costs of vacation rentals in the same area with the same amenities. Make advertising your next goal. Pick a few quality, enriched, user friendly web sites that will market and advertise your dream getaway to potential vacationers.

7. Compare what’s out there. Spending all your money on large quantity vacation rental sites is not always the best option. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. It could make it harder for a vacationer to find you or to make a decision.

Just remember, if this technique has proven to work for selling homes and increasing a home's valueArticle Search, then it's sure to sell time in your vacation property and increase it's going rate potential.