Have a Mosquito Free Vacation

by : Scottie Johnson

Your wardrobe is planned, suitcases are ready, and your flight leaves tomorrow for your next vacation.

Have you remembered everything?

Not if you haven’t packed mosquito repellant.

No matter where you are going, mosquitoes are there! They are found on every continent, except Antarctica.

In many tropical places, they are year round pests. Yet there are some things you can do to protect yourself and have a safe and comfortable trip (airline seats excluded).

Some useful traveler’s tips are:

If there is a vaccination for a mosquito borne disease, like malaria, consult your doctor about getting one. Some malaria parasites are resistant to the vaccines so be sure to get medical advice.

Pack plenty of a really good mosquito repellant. You have no way of knowing if you can buy the kind you like at your destination. And, in some less developed areas, you may not be able to buy any at all.

Bring light colored clothing. Mosquitoes are attracted to dark clothing.

Bring some long sleeved shirts and long pants. The less skin area exposed the better. If appropriate, wear boots and socks and tuck pant legs into them.

Try to stay indoors at dawn and dusk when mosquitoes are most active.

Stay in climate controlled hotels and inns when possible. Air-conditioned lodgings afford better mosquito protection.

If you can’t get enclosed lodging (or you are camping or roughing it), be sure to pack some mosquito nets. There are some good ones made for individual use that don’t take up much room.

If you use nets, be sure they are tucked under the mattress.

Treat all fabric articles with repellant. Using it on shoes, clothes, bedding, nets and other personal objects can help keep mosquitoes away.

If you are going to be near a beach, stay close to the ocean breezes. Mosquitoes are poor flyers and will avoid windy areas.

Many mosquito diseases are seasonal. Try to plan to travel to heavily infested areas during the mosquito “off season".

With just a little advance planning, and some common senseBusiness Management Articles, you can avoid being plagued by mosquitoes in your travels. Take these few steps before you go and then get back to the important thing: having a pleasurable trip.