How to get the cheaper vacations!

by : Cheryl Lester

Did you know that even the best discount travel sites list prices high above wholesale? Because they need to make a profit, just like everyone else.
So how could you get prices this low, without being a reseller yourself? Without having to BUY the rights to these prices, meaning you pay money before you even buy anything? Travel Packages are quite often a viable answer. Many companies offer these packages at a low rate, offering you tons of vacations for less than the cost of one single trip.
But here's another problem - what if you don't like all of the vacations in the package? Most of them are not transferable. You could re-sell them on online auction sites or similar places, but the best solution is to read the fine print first. If you are going to buy a vacation or travel package, always read the details. They are few and far between, but you CAN find discount vacation packages in which everything is transferable. Meaning you're not paying for anything you don't want - you can give them away as gifts, sell them individually, or - if you own a business - use the unwanted trips as employee incentives. How would you like to get a luxury cruise just for being employee of the month? I know I would like that.
So, as you can see, it is NOT impossible to get cheapFree Web Content, or even FREE vacations. You just have to look! I've done some of the looking for you. Here is one package I purchased (I bought the Level II package) and have never looked back! Check out their website.