Driving Home For Christmas

by : Pete Campbell

“Driving home for Christmas...Maybe Not!

The words of the old Chris Rea song conjure up a great image of a warm welcome awaiting anyone travelling home to spend the Christmas holiday with their family.

Unfortunately, for many people travelling home to Ireland and needing car hire this Christmas, this idyllic image could be spoilt due to booking their car at the last minute.

The Christmas period sees a mass influx of people, (especially of ex-pats working on the UK mainland), into Ireland wanting to return “home" to spend the holiday period with their families.

But this is where the problems start. Did you know that during the winter months, the car rental companies in Ireland greatly reduce their fleet numbers. In many cases they will only retain about 1/3 of the vehicles they would normally keep.  Hence the problem! Lots of people looking to hire a significantly reduced number of cars available, over a relatively short period.

The solution, according to Bernard Roddy of Custom Car Hire, is to book early. He says “If you want to be certain of getting a rental car in Ireland over the Christmas holiday period then book now.

Believe it or not, some of our suppliers including the major rental companies are already advising us that certain types of vehicle are already sold out over the holiday season! Just as flights sell out or become more expensive the closer you get to travelling, so do rental cars"

As a director of an online company offering discounted rates with many of Ireland’s and indeed the world’s leading car hire companies, Bernard has an ideal industry overview of vehicle availability. With over 6 years experience in the industry and also being based in Ireland, he has a close working relationship with the Irish rental companies as well as a clear understanding of the local marketplace.

For advice on how to book your Christmas car, call Bernard and his team on 0800 0409018 (FreePhone UK) or +44 28 4272 9933 (International) or visit for an instant quotation.

If you want to be driving home for Christmas and if that entails renting a car, the advice is to book now to avoid disappointment later!