Does it always rain in Ireland?

by : Keith Barrett

There does seem to be a general impression that Ireland suffers from an enormous amount of rainfall. While it's certainly true that the country does get plenty of rain, it's always seemed to me that the country deserves to be remembered for far more than simply its climate.

Two years ago I took a coaching holiday around the country, travelling a circular route that started in the capital city, Dublin. During the two week tour (in June) there were no less than 12 days of fantastic sunshine. It just goes to show that it's perfectly possible to find great weather in Ireland - you just need to get a bit lucky!

In a sense, the rain and wind can also be central to a holiday in Ireland. On occasions when it does start to rain, you'll find that you have the perfect excuse to nip into one of the country's many excellent pubs.

Irish pubs are renowned for the hospitality, Guinness, wonderful atmosphere and the music. Irish traditional music, when played in a jovial atmosphere, is one of the delights of any visit.

The weather is also responsible for so much of Ireland's famous rural scenery. The green mountains of the west coast are astonishing, with the Atlantic waves crashing against the beaches and the towering Cliffs of Moher.

The wild countryside of the Burren and Connemara seems strangely suited to damp, misty conditions. There are other places on Earth where such conditions might seem dull - in Ireland they simply add to the atmosphere.

As a I said to my doubting friend, there is nothing better than a touring holiday in Ireland. There's a sense of excitement from the moment that I hold the holiday brochure in my hand - an excitement that comes from the thought of being able to visit an extraordinary place.

Consider a coaching holiday as a good introduction to the delights of Ireland and the Irish. You won't be disappointed.

You may even discover that it doesn't always rain in Ireland!