How To Use Chinese Take Out Favor Boxes For Your Wedding

by : Denise Sanger

Chinese take out boxes make the perfect wedding favor box. If you want to use these boxes as wedding gifts for your guest but don't want to go the usual route of filling them with mints, take a look at these great how to ideas:

1) How about a candy buffet? Place the boxes at the beginning of a fun candy filled table and let your guests pick and choose among various candies to fill their boxes. Some great buffet line candies are M&M's, Hershey's Kisses, jelly beans, Skittles, and more. If you're having your wedding near a holiday, choose candy for the season. For example, around Halloween, how about candy corn? At Christmas, consider candy canes. If you visit a bulk candy shop, you can easily stay within your budget by selecting the more inexpensive candy.

2) Potpourri. What a wonderful filling for favor boxes! Potpourri can also be tied to the season of the year. Select a scent that matches the month of the wedding. For spring, choose lavender or a mix of wildflowers. For fall, warm cinnamon or pine scents are perfect.

3) Wildflower Seeds. Visit a nursery near you and purchase wildflower seeds in bulk. Pour seeds into a plastic bag and insert into the take out box. Not only will your favor be economical and eco-friendly, but your guests will enjoy a beautiful wildflower garden in their own yard and remember your wedding every time they glance at it!

4) Taking its cue from the Candy buffet line, choose nuts such as Spanish peanuts, pecans, cashews, Brazilian nuts and include with an assortment of chocolates. Your guests will love to combine the saltiness of the nuts with the sweetness of the chocolates. Great to go dessert.

5) For a beach themed party, consider filling the boxes with an assortment of seashells.

6) For a bridal shower, consider offering several different bath salts or bath beads for your guests to take home with them. Place the different scents in a bowls each with a tag so your guests can choose their favorite scent. Be sure to place a plastic bag inside each take out box.

7) Tea Light Candles. Place an assortment of different tea light candles on a table and let your guests choose their favorite. You can offer a selection by color of it you want to tie your favor to your wedding theme, choose a tea light candle to match. For fall weddings, choose chocolate brown, orange, or rust or possibly candles with a fall leaf decoration.

8) Berry Baskets. For summer weddings, offer your guests a selection of the seasons beautiful berries! Choose strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and more.

9) Herbs and seasonings. What a great way to tie your wedding favor into your wedding - match the favor to the meal. If you're serving an Italian meal, consider little bags of oregano, sweet basil or other herb for your guests to take home. They'll be able to use them in their own delicious recipes.

10) Flowers. Instead of closing the take-out box, leave each one open with a beautiful potted flower inside. This is not only green, but can be quite affordable for you too. Choose young trees or flowers. For a wedding around the holidays, a small poinsettia plant will add a brilliant splash of color to the festivities.

As you can see, the sky is the limit when using Chinese take-out boxes for your wedding favors. Let your creativity guide you to create the perfect thank you gift for your guests!