So Youve Got A Date...what Next?

by : Pambaldwin

Choosing a location for a first date can sometimes be a daunting task. Whether you have met your date online or elsewhere, it is important to make sure that the date runs smoothly.

What to Do on a First Date
Two way to ensure a perfect first date are ensuring comfort, and ensuring a place for getting to know one another.

1) Choosing The Ideal Location
When choosing a location it is important that your date feel comfortable, and able to enjoy his or herself. Choose a location that is neither too crowded nor too isolated. Choose something that is neutral and inviting.

Especially for those of you who have met your date online comfort and security are the most important factors to a successful date. One suggestion on achieving a comfortable dating environment is to go out during the day. All the activities on a nighttime date are available during the day, plus extras.


2) Dinner Do's and Donts
Now that we've established that the location should be comfortable, we'll move on to some great places that can help to lubricate conversation, making the whole date run smoothly. Though restaurants are definitely to be considered for a first date location, they should not be the sole consideration. A good date has variety, because doing a variety of activities helps to spark a variety of conversation. In addition to a restaurant, maybe you and your date could visit a carnival if one is in town. Or some other outdoor activity, such as miniature golf.

If you take your take to a restaurant, make sure that it is not too desolate, but also make sure itas not overly crowded. Some great ideas on where to go on a first date would include casual dining so that both of you will be more at ease. Itas necessary to impress your date, but you donat want things to be too awkward. You will want things to remain light.

3) What to Do After Dinner
After your great dinner you've decided that the movies would be an excellent compliment to your date. Some key things to remember in picking a movie, is that it should be one that is neutral to both of you. Try not to go to a horror movie that is too gory, or an R-rated movie that is too sexually suggestive. Pick something with humor in it, so that it is light-hearted and leaves you both feeling happy and satisfied.

Of course, if you live in a larger city, think about walking home together, or for smaller cities choose to take a walk in a nearby park or mall. Walking together, while browsing in shops, or gazing at scenery is a sure way to boost your conversation and serves as a fantastic end (or beginning) to your magical evening out.

4) Get Some Flowers
First dates can have a little romanticism in them, but be careful not to scare your date with any implications. Bringing your date flowers is a great romantic thing to do. However, inviting her to your apartment for dinner would not be a great idea on the first date.

To Summarise, this is what to do on your first date

  • No matter your gender, make sure that your date feels special.
  • You shouldn't bring up past relationships, or in fact bring up any sort of negativity.
  • Your conversations should stay positive and light hearted, leave the heavy stuff until you've known each other longer.
  • Make sure the place that you decide to go to is neutral and holds no past meaning for either you or your date. Make it special, and sweet.

Since you invited this person out because you liked them and wanted to get to know them better so make it fun and find a connection. A successful first date will always lead to a second. And last advice, Smile!