Great Gifts for Quilters

by : Penny Halgren

There are many great gift ideas for quilters that go beyond a simple gift card to a favorite craft or hobby store!

To pick the perfect gift ideas for quilters you know, it's important to know what kind of quilting they enjoy. It's easy enough to ask if you don't already know.

Some quilters prefer appliqu?a sewing technique in which a design is sewn on top of a fabric block or panel. All three applications may be done by machine. The blanket stitch method may also be done by hand.

Nice gift ideas for appliqu?uilters would include a gift basket with supplies such as needles (machine or hand sewing), transfer paper, a good pair of scissors, and an appliqu?esign book.

Other quilters prefer to piece quilts. This is a quilting method in which pieces of fabric cut in various shapes or strips are sewn together to create a quilt top. Many popular traditional designs for pieced quilts include a 9-Patch, Double Wedding Ring, and Monkey Wrench.

Quilters who like to piece quilts use hand and/or machine sewing methods. Gift ideas for quilters who piece quilts are easy!

These quilters would enjoy gifts of fabrics, quilting threads, needles (machine or hand sewing), and books that feature a variety of quilt designs.

Another quilting technique is called foundation quilting. It's a technique in which fabrics are pieced together by sewing them onto a temporary paper foundation. Gift ideas for quilters who enjoy foundation quilting can be quite fun!

Ask what type of paper foundation they use. If it's newspaper, save several back to include with his or her gift. Remnant fabrics are always appreciated because they increase the fabric stash the quilter has on-hand!

Quilting software would make a great gift idea for quilters who like the age of technology in which we live! You'll need to know your friend's personal computer operating system to make sure the software will be compatible.

Buying quilting software will take a little research. Read about your options online and talk with sales representatives at your local craft, hobby or sewing stores before making a purchase.

Another way to select gifts for quilters is to examine your friend's market. Does he or she quilt for fun or for profit? Some quilters concentrate solely on baby quilts. Some like to quilt wall hangings. Others create bedspreads. Some quilters create clothing.

A hobby quilter would love to receive any of the quilting necessities and notions, such as threads, needles, thimbles, sewing books, etc. Quilters who sell their creations would appreciate custom labels or ribbons they could use in packaging their products.

Quilters who create clothing would enjoy books that offer lots of photos for inspiration and how-to advice. If they embellish their quilted clothing with rhinestones or studs, those would make a nice gift idea for clothing quilters. You'll need to know how your quilting friend attaches rhinestones -- by ironing them on or with a small rhinestone apparatus. It will make a difference in the type of rhinestone you should buy for his or her gift.

A perfect gift for any quilter would be an Internet quilting club membership. The best quilting membership websites have video demonstrations of various techniques, have a good range of FAQ and offer lots of inspiration and encouragement!

If you're giving an Internet club membership as a gift, make a nice card with the membership information on it and place it in an envelope. Finish it up by attaching a cute bow you've made from a scrap piece of fabric!